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epic surprise christmas wedding in wisconsin (andrea+chuck are married!) – surprise wedding photographers

Picture this. Christmas week. You’ve been invited to the engagement party of your friends, Dre + Chuck. They normally live in Portland (remember them?), but are back in Wisconsin for the holidays, and are having some “Hey! We just got engaged and wanna celebrate with you!” drinks. Why not, right?! Then, you get invited to show up […]

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7 continents 1 year: spain (and, making time for personal work)

“Busy months” fly by so fast, and suddenly, you find you’ve had 2 years of consecutive “busy months” in a row. And perhaps this “busy month” thing is actually just a myth — and it should better be referred to as life. And so, here I am. Welcoming myself to ‘life’. From this moment on, “life” means; making […]

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December 16, 2016 - 1:35 pm

Mumsthewordsy SO good to see these pics and travel a few Spanish miles.