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two girls, one kit: the black lace jumpsuit from fame and partners

Hello, hello, Tuesday! Hello, Two Girls, One Kit. Sum’n a bit new and fun today… I got dressed up.  Yup! I might live in leggings and comfortable ensembs, but sometimes I actually like going out. And when I do? I like to look like this… I know. Shocking, right? Well, let me tell you more. The Amazing: Fame […]

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sunset wedding at the temple at burning man (kennedy + ryan are married!)

We could all really use a love fest right now.. or at least, I could. What better time to share Kennedy + Ryan’s white wedding at the temple at Burning Man last year? These are two very special people, and this was one incredibly magical night. Revisiting these frames pops some sun into any rainy […]

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two girls, one kit: the mara hoffman lace up midi dress from accompany

This week’s Two Girls, One Kit is what I call flea market fabulous. Y’know those summer mornings that your alarm goes off at 5am on a weekend so that you can fall out of bed and sneak off to be the first one at the Rose Bowl Flea, but you still want to dress intentionally (hello, layers) and look […]

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destination wedding at the farm at dover (meghan + robert are married!) – nyc wedding photographers

You might remember Meghan + Rob from their engagement shoot in NYC awhile ago, but you’ll be sure to remember them after seeing a bit of their destination wedding at The Farm at Dover in Wisconsin. Y’all ready for this? “We met while working at restaurant in NYC’s West Village. We were friends for quite some […]

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two girls, one kit: the gallerina skirt from the odells

Oh my gosh.. hello, Tuesday! Hello, friends! Are you ready for another chapter in the adventures of Two Girls, One Kit? I keep having new favorites, but today might just be the best yet.. (Think it has anything to do with how much pink Anne is wearing? Clearly I’m influencing her… right?!) Meet the Amazing : ODells… […]

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March 24, 2017 - 1:24 pm

Caroline haha, thanks, girl! i think about my ‘elements’ every day now! xo

March 24, 2017 - 11:33 am

Catherine Girl, you woodified that skirt so good! Love these looks on both of you!