alissa + isaac + hudson + lydia are the loveliest little fam!

Imagine yourself: a four year old boy, your mom dresses you up in ‘fancy’ clothes, and instructs you not to get dirty because you’re getting your photo taken later.  Sure enough, a little while later, you’re instructed to smile (Chandler Bing style), its uncomfortable for a few minutes, but then its over.  You run off to eat the candy that you were bribed with, you drip ice cream on your nice photo clothes, and forget the whole thing ever happened.

But there’s so much more to a four year old boy!

Jayden + I love photojournalism in our photography, especially when people allow us to come into their homes, and capture them doing life.  Sure, we totally take the posed portraits, because those aren’t irrelevant, and grandmas really like them.. but we L O V E to capture people in their element.

The Miller family recently invited us into their home for an afternoon, and this is what we captured.  (Then we put our cameras down, ate amazing pastries, drank coffee, and chatted ’til the sun went down … but that’s just a side note.)  After Alissa got these photos, she texted me about how cool it was to review a normal day with her family and see it as something magical; even the instances where the kids weren’t smiling or looking directly at the camera are precious little glimpses of their personality.  Her text made our week!

Guys, we absolutely loved being able to share the day with you observing, interacting, shooting, and most of all – becoming new buds!  Thank you for inviting us into your space, we hope you enjoy these moments for years to come!  xx










































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