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cannon beach, oregon engagement session (andrea + chuck are engaged!) – portland wedding photographers

Andrea + Chuck are the crazy-amazing visionary types. They grew up in Wisconsin, but moved to Portland to start BrewCycle – AKA the brewpub-crawl-by-bicycling phenomenon.  AKA these guys work harder than anyone we know.  AKA they also know what it’s like to be in love / try to have a healthy romantic relationship together while also...

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grain exchange wedding (theresa + jt are married!) – milwaukee wedding photographers

If you have a look at Theresa + JT’s engagement blog post, you might notice that it went live in June 2013, and we mentioned that their wedding day was tomorrow.  As in, they’ve been married since June 2013.  As in, this blog post is one of those on our ‘why haven’t you blogged these lovely...

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father / daughter THink tattoo editorial: larry + dominique pruitt


Well, yes, it’s true, we are eyeball-deep in wonderful wedding season + all of the editing that is implied in that statement, but it sure feels time to share another THink interview!  This series is definitely becoming one of my favorite parts of my/our portfolio, and I want to be more deliberate about sharing the...

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yarra valley wedding (laura + nathan are married!) – melbourne wedding photographers

Laura + Nathan met at their local church outside of Melbourne, Australia and got to know each other as they served on the same teams.  When a lil romance sparked, Nathan [who is a bit older than Laura] waited patiently for Laura to finish her final year of high school, and they literally went on their first...

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