bethany is a senior! (milwaukee senior session)

With the amount of time that goes by in between each blog posting, you’d think we were short on photos to post!  This is simply not the case, as we still have quite a queue of blog posts waiting to be let lose.  In any case, we’re in the midst of redesigning our website at the moment, which is taking up lots of extra time.  We’re so excited to be finishing the new one, hopefully in the next week or two!

Until then, let me tell you about Bethany.  I did her senior portraits back in November, and had a fabulous time meeting her and getting to capture her bubbly personality and gorgeous blue eyes!  Bethany’s fashion sense is very J. Crew-meets-Ann Taylor-meets-vintage beauty, and I loved every one of her outfits.  She’s quite the talented young lady, too, and plays guitar, as well as doing a lot of horseback riding, so we went out to meet her pony at the end of the shoot.  Call me crazy, but I adore everything about horses.  Even their smell.  Maybe it’s because I grew up next door to a horse boarding ranch, so I got used to it, but their smell is enchanting to me!  I couldn’t have been happier when I was photographing Bethany with her horse.

Bethany has been accepted into a School of Pharmacy that she was hoping to attend, so I’m totally thrilled for her.  Bethany, it was such a blast to meet + photograph you.  Many blessings in your college years ahead, I know you will succeed at anything you set your mind to do!


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