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january 21, 2017: women’s march LA.

Yesterday, 673 different cities around the world and an estimated 2.9 million humans in the US alone participated in women’s marches. We went to the march in our own city, Los Angeles, and this is a bit of what we saw. Peaceful equality. 750,000 men, women, children of all shapes, sizes, colors and sexualities. We weren’t there […]

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two girls, one kit: the santi jumpsuit from lacausa

We’re evolving a little bit this week and takin’ it to the streets! (I am so excited about these images today..!) Anne just moved to ‘my’ hood [Atwater Village] and so we thought it would be fun to show how we both see this place as ‘us’, in our own unique ways, while we also show how […]

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introducing echo and earl! los angeles photo and video production company

Well hello, hello, 2017! We’re so happy to see you. After a year that was a bit of a doozy, we’re skipping the ’round up post’ and just moving on to new moments and exciting new photos! First up.. a fun fact about us. Did you know that we shoot a lot more than weddings? […]

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introducing: two girls, one kit! [this week, with elk australia]

If you come around here often, well, you know me already, for sure.. but you also probably know Anne. (Hint: our Light Lab cohort, colleague and friend.) Since the paint on Light Lab had dried, we suddenly had so much time on our hands (haha) and started dreaming up new ways to collaborate and unite our […]

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December 13, 2016 - 10:39 am

two girls, one kit: thacker nyc – los angeles wedding photographers […] week, I introduced a new series, and today, I’m so stoked to share a new post. And photos of my black sparkle […]

los angeles home birth – the birth of annu

I’ve photographed births before. Five, actually, if I count them. But I’ve never blogged them until now. Today feels a bit special. I met Punam at a bar a few years back. We were both there to celebrate the birthday of a mutual friend. We started chatting and realized we had a ton in common.. we’re […]

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