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loving you feels…: punam + andy

6/6.. the final day is here! Thank you for the notes and the texts and for letting me know how this series has encouraged and impacted you. Really. The only reason I’ve shared these stories is because I think they’re beautiful and deserve to be celebrated, and so knowing you’re out there celebrating makes it […]

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giving thanks: whit + cor, the day they were born.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear ones.. Today we celebrate the gift of breath. As simply as it comes and goes.. allowing life, giving us the ability to be. And in that space, life in the purest form. Whit + Cor, the day they were born. Identical twin boys, born to some of our dearest friends at 32 weeks via c […]

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mother’s day with jess, corey, charley + lola.. family photos in tennessee

This past Mother’s Day, we had the pleasure of doing a sleep-over-then-photo-shoot. The kind we do where we get to wake up when you do, and we get to capture a glimpse of what life ‘really’ looks like. We were in Tennessee, of all places. With Jess, Corey, Charley + Lola.. And I mean, these 4 love […]

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June 28, 2016 - 2:33 pm

jess reading my own sentiments for their relationship tucked into the middle of these raw and real and beautifully captured images has me a weepy mess. we are so so grateful for you two. thank you for continually sharing your overabundance of talent and goodness to the world! love you love you love you.

family photos in macedon (laurine+adam+abi together) – melbourne family photographer

We’ve been photographing these guys since practically the very beginning of our blog days. (Try 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014…) Its pretty special to be the official documenters of such beautiful humans, and add a dose of nostalgia, too, because damn. Life really does fly, and these yearly check-ins sure do prove it! This new edition of Laurine […]

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June 6, 2016 - 6:45 pm

Kerrie Unbelievable! You guys have captured so many amazing facets of each of their personalities in these shots. Stunning. Love them. Xx

los angeles home birth – the birth of annu

I’ve photographed births before. Five, actually, if I count them. But I’ve never blogged them until now. Today feels a bit special. I met Punam at a bar a few years back. We were both there to celebrate the birthday of a mutual friend. We started chatting and realized we had a ton in common.. we’re […]

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