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india: photo field trip, jaipur, pushkar camel fair, elephant landing + more…

We’ve been to India before, yes. Many times, actually. But there is something so magical about sharing a place so dear to your heart, and seeing others experience it for the first time, and fall helplessly in love with a people and a place. We wrote awhile ago about how we were going to be […]

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we’re going to INDiA [again] with yeah field trip! who wants to join us?

  If you know us, you know that India is one of our first loves.. a place that owns a huge portion of our hearts.  (If you don’t know us, we go to India a lot, + we also do this thing called Elephant Landing.) So we were pretty stoked when our friends at Field […]

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May 13, 2016 - 5:20 pm

c'mon, team! and a bit on c'mon nashville – los angeles wedding photographers […] of us connected over multiple shared adventures to Yeah Field Trip and two trips that we led to India, and all share the common bond of a love of community, and, a desire to use our creative abilities […]

elephant landing lookbook: spring + summer 2014

Those of you who come here often might remember when we posted about the launch of Elephant Landing late last year. But, if you have no idea what Elephant Landing is, here’s the short version: Jayden + I partner with a group of women in rural southeast India, and here are some of their creations. […]

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introducing … elephant landing!

So y’know how we sometimes talk about India? Well. Today, we finally get to share the project that we’ve been working on!  And we give you Elephant Landing. Rather than type out a huge, massive clump of words for you to get lost in, we made this lil video so we could tell you the story […]

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India. If you’ve been, you know. There are moments when you actually wonder if you are still on planet earth. The noises, the smells, the beautiful smiles that greet you with every turn — and most importantly, the visible proof that one’s joy is not impacted by how much one owns. It’s a humbling place to […]

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