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sunset wedding at the temple at burning man (kennedy + ryan are married!)

We could all really use a love fest right now.. or at least, I could. What better time to share Kennedy + Ryan’s white wedding at the temple at Burning Man last year? These are two very special people, and this was one incredibly magical night. Revisiting these frames pops some sun into any rainy […]

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destination wedding at the farm at dover (meghan + robert are married!) – nyc wedding photographers

You might remember Meghan + Rob from their engagement shoot in NYC awhile ago, but you’ll be sure to remember them after seeing a bit of their destination wedding at The Farm at Dover in Wisconsin. Y’all ready for this? “We met while working at restaurant in NYC’s West Village. We were friends for quite some […]

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new year, new portfolio!

When we first launched Woodnote, we started with a portfolio website. The best kind of website, in fact. The kind that had a flash slideshow and a song that played when you launched the site. (Everyone loves those, right? HA.) Then evolution happened, and the website wasn’t what we needed anymore, so we deactivated it and just […]

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walk of frame: rebecca + lee’s fig house wedding

Yesterday was our very first wedding of 2017, and so why not use it as the chance to create a whole new series? Meet: the Walk of Frame. A day-after-the-wedding-wedding-preview. Right here. So here come Rebecca + Lee.. the bride. the groom. the first look [at the fig house] the passersby. the jawdrop. the sunset. the traditional jewish […]

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January 9, 2017 - 12:44 pm

Mumsthewordsy Just in these few photo ‘frames’ you have captured an essence that I rarely see at weddings but I often feel. Heartwarming and heartfelt. Well done Woodnote!

January 8, 2017 - 6:16 pm

Emilia You guys are superstars! These are so good!

tahbilk winery wedding (jacinta + brenton are married!) – melbourne wedding photographers

Jacinta + Brenton are the definition of sweethearts. Being around their tender love and playful natures makes you lose all sense of age, time and space. Not to mention their setting of Tahbilk, an Australian winery, just outside of Melbourne. The Aussie ‘bush’ is like entering another magical dimension. J+B get community and they get love. But […]

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December 12, 2016 - 11:37 pm

Mumsthewordsy Stunning! Another Woodnote triumph.