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Heeeey!  It’s us.

Remember when we said we were going to blog more often, and then 5 weeks went by?  We have some legitimate excuses to throw your way!  🙂

First off, we got asked to shoot an incredible home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the incredible 6th issue of Rue Magazine.  Seriously.  The experience blew our mind!  [But more on that tomorrow!]

THEN, Caroline’s sister Margaret married the dapper lad Corey, which was quite the party!  It was Margaret + Corey’s goal to throw the best party that anyone had ever been to… aaaand they did.  The wedding involved elephant + ferris wheel rides, one of the best dance parties ever (similar to the dance party they had in their wedding trailer), and Jayden as the iPad-wielding officiant who tweeted during the ceremony.  🙂  Margaret wore a stunning Sarah Seven dress (that was a size 0, by the way … hate her …), which ended up being quite perfect, as the weather that day brought 105 degree heat, humidity like you’d never believe, and a single scattered thunderstorm that lasted just long enough to capture some epic shots in!

I really must mention what rock stars Margaret + Corey were about the rain.  It happened less than 30 minutes before their outdoor ceremony was to take place, but rather than wasting a single second of their day stressing, they just used the opportunity to share a passionate kiss in front of my camera.  Honestly LOVED how carefree they were.. (and of course, that they acquiesced to my request to shoot them in the storm).

Enjoy a few frames from their day, and come ’round again tomorrow to hear (and see) more about our time in Brazil!

Here’s a lil sneak peek from our fabulous adventure in Rio de Janeiro… come back tomorrow!

til then…xx

by Caroline

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November 7, 2011 - 5:40 pm

Colleen / Inspired to Share These photos are amazing! And I LOVE that animated GIF of them in the rain! It sounds like such an amazing day and you captured it beautifully!

July 31, 2011 - 8:57 pm

Nate outstanding pix you guys… really. Top shelf

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