film friday // march blog-a-day #2

Hello, and welcome to Day #2 of our March Blog-a-thon!  Jayden here for today’s entry.

Last year we started using different formats in photography from our regular Canon 5D mark II‘s.  This wasn’t because we were trying to be super different in the world of photography, because there are plenty of people out there using all kinds of different photographic formats from full frame DSLR censors, to disposable cameras, to medium format Contax 645s, to second hand Polaroids, to iPhones, to toy cameras … which is the point of entry for this blog entry!  The Holga [for those of you who don’t know] is a toy camera that shoots film – plastic body and in most cases, a plastic lens instead of a glass one.  We were shooting with my Holga 120N which is a pretty standard Holga model and can be picked up for $25 at most larger camera stores, or even your local Urban Outfitters.

The beauty in the Holga is in the imperfections … somehow, it just does marvelously unrepeatable and un-mimickable things with light.  Even the camera’s mechanism is based on guess work.  Once you’ve selected the appropriate film type for your shooting situation, you have a shutter that is either a ‘one-click’ or a ‘hold-and-hope-for-the-best’ click!  Amazing!

We decided to put our Holga to the test and see what we could come up with during our travels last year and here are some of the examples of all the fun we had!  Over the month of March, we will be posting various shots from our Holga journey, so stay tuned!! This first collection contains some black + whites from Jordan // specifically Amman, Petra, and Jerash.  (If you’d like to see our original post on Jordan with all of the digi-shots, go here.)

Oh, and go buy a Holga and get snapping, folks!!






























by Jayden

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March 9, 2012 - 6:32 pm

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