grain exchange wedding (theresa + jt are married!) – milwaukee wedding photographers

If you have a look at Theresa + JT’s engagement blog post, you might notice that it went live in June 2013, and we mentioned that their wedding day was tomorrow.  As in, they’ve been married since June 2013.  As in, this blog post is one of those on our ‘why haven’t you blogged these lovely people yet?’ list.  As in, today is the day that we get to put a ‘tick’ next to their names on that list, + share their beautiful, smiling faces with all of you.

These two are incredibly dear people, and the way that they love each other / are loved by their community of friends + family was an absolute pleasure to witness + capture in photo-form.  These images may be over a year old already, but the happiness on the faces + the sincerity in the joy hasn’t aged a second.  Here are a few faves from their day at the incredible Grain Exchange in downtown Milwaukee.  (T+J, we love you.)

Happy Friday / Happy Weekend!  xo