gran + pop in australia : celebrating 60 years of marriage! (diamonds are forever)

During our recent trip to Australia, Caroline and I had the privilege of attending my maternal grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary!!  It was really by fluke to be honest, as we knew way ahead of time that we would be in town, and only later realized just what a spectacular event was to be celebrated!

My Gran + Pop [also known around town as Laurie + Joan] are two of my most favorite people on the planet.  My Gran is a fine purveyor of classic English Breakfast tea with milk and often hosts an exquisite selection of home-made slices [kind of like a sweet brownie bar to you Americans, although isn’t necessarily filled with chocolate – it can have dried fruits, nuts, caramel, coconut, crushed up digestive biscuits and basically whatever fits and blends with the mood!].  It’s affectionately known as ‘slice’ because it is made in slabs and sliced into small prisms for easy eating.  I know that Gran is a master slice maker, because my Mum is a master slice maker, and I believe the honor can only be passed on from the generation above.  The technical term for it is Master of Slices and one is awarded a special green hat made of feathered corduroy and fancy buttons when inducted into the Hall of Slice … well, all of that last part was a blatant lie, but my Gran and my Mum can make killer slice – there’s no doubt about this truth.  Simply said, my Gran is a wonderful woman, filled with wisdom and kindness that is unmatched by anyone I know.  She has a keen sense of humour and a brilliant sense of standing up for what’s right and fair.  She’s truly a marvelous lass!

My Pop is one of the major reasons I play music.  He has a powerful tenor voice, and I have seen and heard him perform countless times in every situation from a town hall, to a church hall, to a nursing home, to the theater, to the radio.  He can also play just about any tune you throw at him on the harmonica without flinching!  He is very particular about how things should sound, and that really pushed me to reach high and work hard as a musician.  Above all of that, my Pop loves a laugh and has one of the sharpest wits you will find.  I believe our favorite thing to do is catch up for a laugh and a song, all whilst enjoying some of Gran’s tea [and slice of course]!

I couldn’t possible sum up everything that I could and would want to say about these two, so I’ve kept it as brief as I can given that I could easily tell you story after story and share endless thoughts about their wonders! Take my word for it: they’re beautiful!

These are some photos we took at the Gisborne Bowling Club last month for their big party.  Gran is a Lawn Bowls regional champion and her name is on about 495 of the 500 engraved winner plaques around the club … Pop: Lookin’ good.  About 150 people gathered to honour and celebrate Gran + Pop’s 60 years of marriage.  They got married the same year that the Queen of England became the Queen of England, and on that note, it is such a high and honorable achievement that the Queen sent them a letter of congratulations!  Not too shabby indeed!

Check out these images, they really are an incredible pair and so filled with joy and love for one another.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOU TWO LOVE BIRDS!!  Caz: we have 53 years until the Queen writes to us … it may be the King by then.



























by Jayden

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March 23, 2012 - 9:03 am

Kelli Ahern That’s just the best post ever. Just beautiful. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

March 23, 2012 - 12:02 am

Lea So great! What a wonderful tribute to two special people. Thanks xx Lea

March 22, 2012 - 11:14 pm

Kerrie Oh my goodness me! Thankyou SO much for featuring mum and dad and their special day. Thankyou so much for adding your personal tribute to them. Thankyou. I love you both.

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