heidi + adam : part one : the engagement!

Heidi + Adam are the real deal.  They may look young, but they’re tough as nails!

Adam grew up in Zambia, Africa + Heidi grew up in Alaska = They met whilst studying at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.  {Milwaukee is where the love is, folks!}

Adam is in the Marine Corps + Heidi is in the Navy = Don’t mess with them.  They know how to beat you up in many, many different ways!

Jayden + I had a real connection with Heidi + Adam, because they know what living around the world feels like, and they know what it’s like to be far away from the ones you love.  Jayden + I have spent months and months apart during our 7+ year relationship, but even when we are together, one of us is far away from our country and our family.  Heidi + Adam still have family far away from where they are, and they get what it means to truly value every moment you share with each other and with your loved ones.  We loved chatting about all of this with them.

We were only able to meet Heidi + Adam one week before their wedding, as Heidi was studying in Prague the whole semester leading up to their big day.  Again, these guys know how to cope with distance!  Jayden + I loved the heart-to-heart we had when them, and it was fascinating to walk around Milwaukee with Adam while he was in uniform.  WHEW!  Can you say chick magnet?  He had girls blowing kisses and winking, and people yelling, “Thank you, Baby!  Thanks for all you do!”  Even men were stopping to acknowledge him, and thank him for his service.  We thought it was cool that Adam chose to wear his uniform for the engagement photos, since he wouldn’t be wearing it to his wedding.

So without further ramblings, we are excited to share some of our favorites from Heidi + Adam’s engagement session … with their wedding post to follow immediately!  Enjoy!  xx

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