ilana + david are engaged!

We met up with Ilana + David a few weeks ago now, when the early stages of summer were beginning to unveil themselves … but the whispers of spring rain where still very near.

These two have chemistry…let me tell you!  They met on, which sold us on it’s compatibility-matchmaking-skills, for sure!  Ilana is a feisty one, with a major dose of sassy, too … [do I have to mention that I want to be friends with you even after your wedding is said and done?!], and David is insanely smart, but not at all nerdy.  When Ilana told me that David has his PhD and is a math professor at a university in Chicago, I nearly fainted, and struggled to muster the courage to even meet him [math has to be my #1 weakness, and thus fear!] … but he wasn’t at all scary!!!  🙂  David is kind, gentle, funny, and most of all … his love for Ilana is as obvious as the answer to 2 + 2!  [Did’ya like that??  See.. I tried!]  🙂

Anyway, you guys are so much fun, and we just can’t wait to hang with you again on your big day later this year.  Thanks heaps for choosing us!  We’re stoked and honored, all at the same time!

Enjoy some of our faves from your shoot.. xx

by Caroline

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August 24, 2010 - 9:44 pm

hrdina the water reflection shot is amazing.

July 14, 2010 - 6:01 pm

Ilana Thank you so much Jayden and Caroline! You guys rock, as always.

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