stonegate glass chapel wedding (kara + sam are married!) – cuz sometimes we’re branson wedding photographers

Kara + Sam are dear friends of ours.  We’ve known them since before their romantic relationship started together, and have cherished the chance to be a part of their lives in both amazing times, and excruciating times.  They’re the kinds of friends that we will love for decades, and someday, we’ll teach our kids to call them Aunt + Uncle… (Oh man, Uncle Sam … I feel like I’ve heard that somewhere before …)

Being around Kara + Sam is incredible.  They’re so in love, and focused on the relationship side of life, that when things don’t go according to plan, they hardly even notice.  These two got married in Branson, Missouri, and experienced more wedding-planning bumps in the road than anyone else I’ve ever heard of; one of their venues got hit by a tornado, the other one they had booked went into foreclosure, the linens were the wrong colors, the florist didn’t deliver the peonies as planned… honestly, the list goes on, but these guys didn’t. even. care.  After going through years of a long-distance relationship, their day was about starting their life together, and nothing could steal their joy in those moments.  In the world of current wedding trends, so often couples get caught up in planning the details that they forget what they’re celebrating, and why they love each other.  Not these two.  These kids totally get it.  When we asked Kara what advice she’d give to couples planning their wedding, she said, “Everyone’s probably heard this one before… but seriously, don’t stress it.  Everything leading up to the wedding day may (and probably will) be stress-causing…but on your special day, even if things don’t go according to plan, just sit back and enjoy it as much as you can.  You only get married once, after all.  Don’t let the little things dampen your incredible day.”

Jayden + I were flippin’ over the moon that Kara + Sam asked us to travel down to Branson to capture their celebrations, and we’re so excited to share these glimpses into the love that they share.


































Sam told us, “When I think about this day, many, many moments jump into my mind that I would describe as “memorable”.  Seeing my best friend as – for the first time – my bride walk through the doors of the chapel and toward me is the moment I will certainly remember the most.”



























why letting bridesmaids pick up the groom is never a good idea…


















some favorite photo booth moments from the night…












Kara + Sam, we love you guys.  A big huge high five to you both… congrats!  xo

Ceremony venue: Stonegate Glass Chapel

Reception venue: Grand Plaza Hotel

Officiant: Stuart Briscoe

by Caroline

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September 19, 2012 - 1:42 pm

Julie Outstanding post, Caroline! I love that Sam and Kara are all about relationships! You captured some awesome shots too! Very nice.

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