liz + tim are married! (melbourne wedding at the grange winery)

We were over-the-moon excited to shoot Liz + Tim’s wedding in Australia back in January.  This wasn’t a destination wedding, either… they’re true blue aussies!

These two honestly blow my mind.  Tim is a General Practitioner, and Liz is a Naturopath/Massage Therapist.  That right there is enough to make me need to sit down and breathe for a few minutes.  They have truly mastered the art of two worlds coming together, that’s for sure… just don’t say the word ‘vaccination’ around them, unless you’re reading to moderate a lengthy debate.  (I may or may not have learned this the hard way ;))  In all seriousness, their attitude and approach to love, life and each other is nothing short of inspirational.  Liz’s motto is, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”  I freaking love that.  Liz, I may just adopt that motto as my very own, if that’s alright with you.. 😉

Liz + Tim met at a yoga retreat.  Seriously, how hot is that?!  They now reside in a fabulous love shack on ‘Dr. Tim’s mountain’ in the Macedon Mountain Ranges outside of Melbourne.  We had quite an experience riding in Tim’s truck as he drove us around on the mountain…  I’m going to say that it felt more like a rollercoaster than a car ride, but I guess he was still in ‘bachelor mode’ when that happened, so maybe his driving has calmed down since then.  Ha!

Liz + Tim were married at the Grange Winery, and it was nothing short of magical.  Perfect weather, perfect everything!  They had their ‘first look’ as they both walked down separate lanes in the vineyard.. it was hilarious to hear their first words to each other on their wedding day be, “Did you remember to put sunscreen on, Lizzy?  The sun is pretty intense today, you don’t want to get a melanoma!”  Ahhh, they’re so perfect for the medical field.  😉

For you Yanks [Americans] reading this, you’ll notice a few things about the Aussie weddings that we aren’t quite used to:

-Notice the white V-shaped ribbon across the hood of their wedding car – you always see this on wedding cars in Australia, and I just love it!  It means people on the roads honk a lot when they see it.  🙂

-Next, during Australian ceremonies, the couple always takes time to sign the marriage license, AND allow guests to approach them and take photos!  That totally freaks me out because it’s so relaxed, and so different to the formal American wedding ceremonies where you generally remain pretty stoic.

-Then, there’s a shot where Liz has lots of ribbons and horse-shoes dangling off of her arm.  After the ceremony has finished, it is customary for friends + relatives of the bride to slip these little ‘good luck charms’ on her arm.  Since Jayden is an Australian, some of our Aussie guests did this to me after our ceremony, and I thought it was so sweet!  They write personal notes of love + congratulations, too.  I’m not sure where this tradition originated… maybe I’ll have to research that!

The best part about our experience with Liz + Tim is that we now call them our friends.  Not only did they take time to get to know us before their wedding day, but they also came out with us after their wedding, during their ‘honeymoon week’!  (Their real honeymoon happens this summer when they are heading to Spain to go on a pilgrimage, hiking across the country.  Ummm, could they get any more insanely amazing?)  Guys, you are rock stars.. total inspirations, and totally hot to photograph (I still maintain that Liz is an Angelina look-alike!), we were past-thrilled that you had us share in your day.  Cheers to you!

We loved everything about our time shooting in Australia, and we’re more than willing to make this a regular occurrence… so if you’re thinkin’ Aussie wedding?  Think of us!  😉  Enjoy..xx

by Caroline

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April 10, 2011 - 1:22 pm

Cris Carr The bride and groom make a great couple. She is stunning, you captured elegance and beauty in your photographs. Congrats to the newly weds!!

April 9, 2011 - 4:11 am

Kezza Well, after reading that amazing blog on Tim and Liz’s wedding and looking at the amazing pics…..tears are rolling…..simply stunning. Thankyou. 🙂

April 23, 2012 - 6:11 pm

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December 9, 2011 - 9:03 pm

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