loving you feels…: cat + kristen

We’re at 5/6 today with Loving you feels… Can you believe it? Where are the days goin’?


Loving you feels… like Cat + Kristen.

And I’m so honored to introduce you to the wives.

The two moved into the house in front of ours’ last year, and so we share a yard together. The Unity Yard, as we’ve now named it.

When our landlord wrote us an intro email to each other, she talked about Cat and her wife, and so I just started referring to the gals as the wives before they’d even moved in or we’d gotten to meet them. (They’ve since made reference to us as ‘the straights’, which feels accurate.) 

We laugh so much with these two and love them so dearly. We sit out in the Unity Yard for hours on end and talk and imbibe and Post Mates Indian food. We feel so lucky that they’re our neighbors and friends, and we feel so inspired by their love and commitment to each other.

They’ve been married for over 2 years now, and have been creating a show called Happy Wife, Happy Life, so they’re basically about to be super famous and we hope they’ll still hang out with us when they are. They’re comedians, they’re actors, they’re activists and ladies who are hugely loyal to their families. Also, we really love their dogs. Jayden buys them treats so that they’ll scamper into our house whenever they see the door is open. Birdie + Grizz are precious to us!

Love feels a lot like Cat + Kristen. Wives, we love you. xo

Don’t forget to listen to this minute o’ their love…

I asked ’em to show me how they cuddle up on the couch when they watch TV… 

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