loving you feels…: jenn + paco

Well hey again, welcome to DAY 3 of Loving you feels…

If you haven’t already gotten to know Jamie + Dekoven and Ryan + Orie, then what are you waiting for?!

Today, loving you feels… like Paco + Jenn.

These two met when they were ten years old and they’ve been together for 17 years.

I mean, c’mon. Having a serious mic-drop / life goals moment here, are you?

They’re mamas to possibly the cutest pooch you’ll ever see. They’re both mad-creators, making magic here and here and here and everywhere they go. They’re karaoke’rs, they’re food-burners (same, tbh), they’re lovers of life, humans and especially each other. Jayden + I really love these two, and I’m so honored to introduce you to them today.

Don’t forget to listen to their sound bite from our time together… 

P+J, so much love. xo


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