loving you feels…: punam + andy

6/6.. the final day is here!

Thank you for the notes and the texts and for letting me know how this series has encouraged and impacted you. Really. The only reason I’ve shared these stories is because I think they’re beautiful and deserve to be celebrated, and so knowing you’re out there celebrating makes it all worth it. More on all of this soon.. there are some exciting things in the works!

For our final day, loving you feels… like Punam + Andy.

If you’ve been here for a really long time, you might recognize these beauties from 2015 and the birth of Annu. Now, nearly 2 years later, Punam + Andy welcomed me into their home to capture a bit of their beautiful love and all that it has created. Their 3rd daughter is only a few months away and their days are fuller than ever, but as they near their 12th wedding anniversary, they say their relationship is better than ever.

So much love, P+A. Even if you end up living in a van on a hill someday, I hope we’ll always be in each others’ lives. Thank you for letting me in on your “slice of life”. xo

Don’t forget to check out their audio snippet.. Andy is a super talented and always busy film + television composer, but they sure do make a lot of jokes about what they’re going to do when his work dries up. The self-employed creative life can sure feel that way! 😉

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