two girls, one kit: the mara hoffman lace up midi dress from accompany

This week’s Two Girls, One Kit is what I call flea market fabulous. Y’know those summer mornings that your alarm goes off at 5am on a weekend so that you can fall out of bed and sneak off to be the first one at the Rose Bowl Flea, but you still want to dress intentionally (hello, layers) and look effortless while being totally comfortable? Anyone else? I can’t be alone here..

Well, this look is for that feeling.

The Amazing: Accompany is all about curating uniquely, artisan made pieces in one place. In the midst of the conscious consumption movement, they seek to create a one-stop shop where every purchase has a purpose. Heck yes!

The Common Piece: the Mara Hoffman Lace Up Midi Dress is linen, linen and more linen. Mara Hoffman is anything but boring, (can we talk about this?!) and so her take on an LBD is just my style.

I just got back from Australia and packed very lightly, but this dress was my ‘one dress’ that made the cut. I don’t want to spoil any surprises here, but at least one order of the very same dress has been placed by lovely lass(es) in Oz. Yup, it is good, and the Aussies now know it, too!

My Spin: the Personality Feline Tote and Mohinders Woven Leather Flats. Not to be predictable, or anything, but I also brought the shoes’n’bag to Oz, and also wore them almost every single day. The tote is that lightweight chic that is forgiving enough for me to bring it to the beach, (because the sand will just slide right through the cracks) but cute enough that I can bring it to an evening birthday party and not feel basic. This thing is cute, man. And you also don’t have to guess too hard about the alternate name I have for it… just don’t go grabbin’ it, if you know what I mean.

And the shoes. Don’t forget ’em! Basic can be beautiful, and these babies are beautifully soft and marvelous. In love. Completely.

Whip on my trusty Tom Ford sunnies and a vintage jean jacket and I am ready. to. bargain. hunt!

The colored detailing on the moccs really seals the deal for me. They are no longer neutral with that added goodness!

Layered simplicity, flowy fabric and flea-ready fabulous.

This is us at sunrise. Y’know, method acting, literally, so you could see how we’d really look if we were flea’ing.

Anne’s take: Jicho Cuff and Encased Horn Threader Earrings with a camo coat and a pair of white high tops.. so different that I’d go to the same flea with her dressed in the same dress and not feel weird about it!

Until next week… xo!

destination wedding at the farm at dover (meghan + robert are married!) – nyc wedding photographers

You might remember Meghan + Rob from their engagement shoot in NYC awhile ago, but you’ll be sure to remember them after seeing a bit of their destination wedding at The Farm at Dover in Wisconsin.

Y’all ready for this?

“We met while working at restaurant in NYC’s West Village. We were friends for quite some time before we began dating. Robert even set me up with a friend of his! Luckily, things didn’t work out ;-)”

“Seeing Meghan emerge in her white dress from the woods on her dad’s arm and walking down the aisle is something I’ll never forget” said Rob.

Are you kidding me, Meghan?! Still can’t get over this dress and you in it!

Favorite shot of the day? Maybe! Too many faves!

Any advice for future brides/grooms currently planning their wedding? “I think it’s impossible for planning a wedding to be stress free. There’s a lot to do, and, more often than not, a lot of unsolicited opinions on how the two of you should do it.  In the end, however, the magic & the memories all come from the people who chose to be there with you and share your special day – not from the décor or the stationary. A few things were off on the day of our wedding but we hardly noticed or cared because we were all having so much fun.  So, our advice would be a) that things likely won’t go 100% as planned, b) it really doesn’t matter, and c) make it an objective to have as much fun as you can and savor every moment.”

Ahhh, sage advice, you two! We so agree. xo

the folks who helped out…


Photographer – Caroline + Jayden of Woodnote Photography       

Videographer – Ideal Impressions 

Wedding planner – Corinne Van Arsdale 

Meghan’s Dress – Inbal Dror

Meghan’s Veil – made by her bridesmaid, A Part of the Rest

Meghan’s Jewelry – Roberto Coin Cento Collection

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Various

Robert’s Suit – Black Lapel

Robert’s Shoes – Antonio Maurizi

Groomsmen’s Suits – Various Black Tuxes

Hair stylist – Joshua Amroze

Makeup artist – Kelly Beaudry

Flowers – Alluring Blooms

Stationery & paper goods – Caitlin Russell Illustration & Design

Ceremony/Reception Venue – The Farm at Dover

Ceremony & Reception Music – Bagpipers!!!  &  Milwaukee Airwaves

Meghan’s Processional – “Beautiful Girl” by INXS

First Dance – “Open” by Ryhe

Wedding favors – Donation to Action Against Hunger

Caterers – Chef Jacks, late night pizza from Flying Cow Pizza

Cake – Simma’s Bakery (other desserts: Momofuku Milk Bar and Breads Bakery NYC)

Wedding rings – Roberto Coin

two girls, one kit: the gallerina skirt from the odells

Oh my gosh.. hello, Tuesday! Hello, friends! Are you ready for another chapter in the adventures of Two Girls, One Kit? I keep having new favorites, but today might just be the best yet.. (Think it has anything to do with how much pink Anne is wearing? Clearly I’m influencing her… right?!)

Meet the Amazing : ODells… the huz/wife duo behind Bucks and Does, the incredible LA boutique in Silverlake, also happen to have their very own line of unique and wearable pieces called The ODells. A favorite brand of Angelenos and beyond, even Anthropologie has caught onto the goodness of this homegrown collection.

The Common Piece: the Gallerina Skirt had both Anne and I absolutely smitten with its painted pattern and sun-washed softness.

My take: if you’ve been here before, you know I’m obsessed with the rust’n’blush ways of the ’70s, so when I saw this Classic Tee in Cedar I knew it was the perfect pairing. 100% cotton slub, the tee is soft as buttah (satisfying my ‘wood’y’ tendencies) and makes the ensemb everyday approachable while scratching my ‘fire’y’ itch at the same time.

Throw on a pair of my favorite Thacker sparkle booties + faithful leather jacket and I’m calling it a day! (And a good day, at that!)


Anne’s spin: usually the minimalist, Anne opted for pattern-on-pattern with the studio blouse that shares the same painted pattern of our skirts. It’s a look I love so much that I almost went for it myself! What a cheeky move to wear the same pattern on the top and bottom. Yes and yes.

(This is possibly the first time I’ve ever said this … but, I would totally wear Anne’s ensemb, too! Those boots and that jacket are perfection. Don’t you agree?)

Be sure to check Anne’s post to read more about her inspo and the various pieces she wore with her ODells goodness.

I legit cannot get enough of the painted look of the skirt! C’mon! Those brush strokes! That peach and pink! Those polka dots!

And there you have it.

Which look would you wear more? What is your favorite way to show off summer skin? xo!

March 24, 2017 - 1:24 pm

Caroline haha, thanks, girl! i think about my ‘elements’ every day now! xo

March 24, 2017 - 11:33 am

Catherine Girl, you woodified that skirt so good! Love these looks on both of you!

two girls, one kit: the doran denim jumpsuit from winsome goods

I’m in Australia at the moment, and I pack very, very lightly when I travel.. but I can tell you that I sure did pack today’s jumpsuit in my carry-on! It’s a piece I have been wearing weekly since I first got it, and, I also won’t diminish the number of times people comment on how great it looks. This onesie is a goodie!

The Amazing: Winsome designs with the intention of providing uncomplicated collections that are not hyper-trendy and utilizes traditional tailoring techniques throughout their creation process. Did I mention all of their pieces are imagined and realized in the US of A? This is a brand that I believe in and stand behind, and that’s before I put on my favorite denim onesie!

The Common Piece: the Doran Jumpsuit is a deliciously cropped wide-leg denim onesie, with super-useful pockets, flattering darts and an open back in case you wanna dress it up a bit.

My take: I’m a bit of a comfy yet cute dresser whenever possible. I want to grab whatever is in a pile on the floor and make it look effortless.. in a good way. Jumpsuits are the very best case scenario for me, because I literally only have to think about putting one thing on. Once the one thing is on, the rest of the ensemb is just bonus material.

My look today is all about comfort. I’ve got the thrifted sweater to bring layered-warmth for chilly spring nights in LA, the thrifted elastic belt to bring a bit of pattern to the solids, and the 1930s silk bandana from OZMA to throw a curve-ball to the accessories catcher.

It’s a look that I’d wear to a photo shoot, a brunch date.. or even an evening event. It really could be taken just about anywhere!

Oh. And how good are the Office of Angela Scott loafers? I wish I could say they’re mine. I had them on set for a film we were shooting, and decided I couldn’t pass up the chance to wear ’em for a hot sec. Gosh, they are s e x a y .

You’d think that a jumpsuit would be hard to take down super different paths, since the outfit is practically one piece.. but I think Anne and I brought it! Don’t you?

Side note: how cute is the car license plate? Jayden edited it to be 2G – 1K so that the car owner wouldn’t have their license plate on the world wide webs. Also, because Two Girls, One Kit is v cute as 2G – 1K. Isn’t he the best?!

Anne’s take: is that little bit more timeless and minimal. She’s got the same silk scarf, but in a more muted color.. and is also wearing a layering element, but hers employs the shapeless-chic that she loves so much.

I love how you can really see how clean the sewn lines are in the Winsome piece with the way Anne wears it!

Be sure to hit her post to read more about her inspo behind the way she styled her jumpsuit, and to see a few extra photos, too.

And with that, I’ll see you next week! xo

Photos by Jayden for Echo and Earl.

two girls, one kit: the multi-stripe wrap dress from tribe alive

I’m mad-excited about today’s Two Girls for a few reasons.. the first one being that Anne texted me this post the other day, all on 11 Ways to Look Stylish Without Trying Too Hard, and one of the points was wear white shoes. Um, hello. Nailed it. So the rest is easy as pie. Yes? Another reason is the brand we’ve collab’d with! I’ll just dive right into why I love them so.

The Amazing: Tribe Alive is all about women. Designed by women, made by women. Their pieces are from Guatemala, Haiti, India, Honduras and the US, and everything they do is about empowering women to rise above poverty. Yes, yes and yes.

The Common Piece: The Shift Wrap Dress. Tribe just launched a new collection of pieces today, and Anne + I both fell in love with this dress. Plus? We’ve never featured a dress before in Two Girls, so this is the perfect one to start sum’n new.

I took mine down a fairly unusual path for what I normally do.. Socks and bare legs have always been a style that fits the look but don’t touch category for me, since I have what I call German ankles. (They’re strong, OK?!) But, today, I went for it. Life is short. Look at my freakin’ legs. Or don’t. But I’ll wear what I like.

The bright socks and those winning white shoes elevate the cotton dress and make it a bit spesh, while last week’s J.Crew purse honors the pastel thang I started and carries it through. Let’s not forget that Gorman bomber in the most majestic metallic bronze’y gold.. because pastels or not, I’m here to make a statement!

Those tie details of the dress are definitely my favorite element!

And do I trim my own bangs and dye my own hair? Well, why do you ask? Is it that obvious?

Oh, and the white shoes are also Gorman from a few years back. C’mon. Always a good idea!

Anne’s spin: Are you ready to see the way Anne styled her dress? (Also, have you seen this one?! It was a v close second.)

Well, I think Anne listens to the Man Repeller and loves wearing dresses over pants, because this look is GOOD!

(TBH, she may not actually be into MR, because the bold factor doesn’t align with hers’, but, let’s pretend she does.)

I love the almost-preppy collared shirt and jeans paired with the dress. Such a unique spin, especially when compared to mine!

Hit Anne’s blog to read more about the inspiration behind her styling here.

Be sure to swing by the new Tribe Alive pieces that dropped today.. they have so much great jewelry, so many fab bags, and even this amazing terra cotta plant hanger (that I also have and love so much!). There’s a lot of gold to see, and a lot of good to do! xo