two girls, one kit: the wedge oxford from the office of angela scott

Well, well, well.. lots of new things this week! Anne got married on Friday, which was fabulous. Jayden + I got a new couch and are about to paint our living room (bu-bye, white walls!), and Two Girls, One Kit is about to feature the first look focused on shoes!

The Amazing: Office of Angela Scott puts the luxury punk in footwear. They; “value independence, cultivate old-world attention to detail, and never take [themselves] too seriously.” As a girl that has always owned more shoes than any other article of clothing, tOoAS is a dangerous website to visit — not to mention their stunning Melrose flagship store.

The Common Piece: Mr. Derby Wedge Oxford.. not only sleek AF, the ‘kilty’ fringe detailing is removable, giving the shoe a diverse variety of ways to wear it. Why can’t all shoes be this magical?!

My take: the inspiration behind my look was one part luxury and one part punk. My favorite, super comfy white jeans from rag & bone allow me to truly show off the star of the show, (le shoes) and my illustrated crop sweatshirt from Gorman brings the sass and edge so that nothing ever feels boring.

This is a look I’d throw on for a ‘normal’ work day — errands, meetings, email-writing, maybe even a shoot — this ensemb can handle it all.

Are platforms going to stick around for another year or two? I sure hope so. They’re a great throwback moment..! Do you remember your first platforms?

Ahhhh, I love this shot! It makes me so happy.

And now? Anne’s spin.

That detail!

Anne said she, “couldn’t resist exploring the tomboy vibe of these handsome lace-ups, so [she] channeled schoolboy chic in an oversized collared shirt and vintage straight leg jeans. The special details of the shoes set the stage for an outfit comprised of timeless shapes rendered one-of-a-kind with unexpected details: the structured yolk on my shirt, or the rich caramel color and brass hardware of my PS1 satchel.”

My pair of Oxfords were one of 3 pairs of shoes I brought to Europe with me earlier this month, and I won’t lie, I wore them a ton and walked for miles in surprising comfort!

What do you think? Would you build an entire outfit from your shoes — or are your shoes an afterthought? xo

Photos by Jayden for Echo and Earl.

two girls, one kit: the long layering vest from thacker nyc

Well hi and hello! How is it Tuesday again?

Jayden + I got back to LA late last night after our jaunts between London / Berlin / Rome / Assisi, so I’m in a little cloud of jet lag that is perfect for writing blog posts and re-living moments when I had freshly brushed hair…

I’m so in love with this week’s look! And photos! And collab crew! Let me gush about it…

The Amazing: Thacker NYC have been here before, but they continue to evolve and update with every season in a way that makes them so impossible to look away from! Can you blame me?

The Common Piece: the Madrid Vest in Tobacco is half something I would expect to see in Star Wars, (y’know. Jedi material?) and the other half, I would expect to see on the runway. It’s the perfect layering accessory — the perfect everything, really!

My take: I was so obsessed with the ‘tobacco’ color of the Madrid vest that I had to take it further.. the Ren Draped Crop Pants. Comfy, casual, and a perfect pair with the vest; this is an ensemb I see only in my dreams! Tango’ing with a very vintage blouse that I don’t even remember where I got, Thacker’s Georgina Crossbody bag in cream, and Jennie-Ellen VIBE boots.. like I said. This look is just about my ultimate.

Jayden let me get weird with the photos … thanks, babe. You’re patient 😉

Jennie-Ellen is magic.

I’m really into wearing white. I’m really, really into this bag.

Just. look. at. the. hardware..! Thacker wins. Always.

German ankles, guys. #germanankles.

OK. The vest detailing. Are you bored of my gushfest yet?! I really love this look the most.

Same boots / same vest … two very different looks!

Anne’s spin: mullet jeans, mullet jeans.. what do I have to do to get you in my life? Gosh, I am so down with this look, Anne Sage! How surprised are you?!

Layers, layers and textures galore. This ensemb is the flowy, feminine bout of strength we would all do well to master.

Be sure to hit Anne’s blog to read more about the pieces she’s paired together and her inspiration behind them.

PS : this bae gets married in 3 sleeps + I’m the MOH! It’s a bit week for these Two Girls.. more next Tuesday! xo

two girls, one kit: the silky black drop-crotch cargo pants from ruti

Well hello from Italy! We’ve just had a whirlwind trip through London / Berlin, and now we’re in Rome for Way Up North. I’m going to be speaking here tomorrow, so it’s time to throw this post up so I can go review my notes before go time 😉

PS : I brought these pants on the trip and they are my new favorite travel pants!

I’m not really a sporty girl, and maybe this look isn’t really that sporty… but let’s just say, it gets awfully close, and I kinda like it. In this week’s Two Girls, One Kit, both Anne and I style the same pair of pants in our two very different ways. Here’s the lowdown:

The Amazing: Ruti is not just a brand, but a woman! After moving to the States from Tel Aviv, Ruti realized the thing she loved most was fashion. (I hear you, girl!) While totally contemporary, Ruti’s collections reference her Israeli roots with a whole new chic and modern spin. Anne and I got to meet her when we stopped in one of her stores, and it is such a joy to know the gal behind the garments!

My take: if I’m wearing black pants, I have to incorporate color + texture somehow, right? Ruti’s Siam Blouse in Orchid Haze brought just enough pep to my step! Throw on my favorite vintage jean jacket for a bit of ‘rough’ to the silky pants’ ‘smooth’ and I am a happy gal.

I’m a huge fan of Keds and their #ladiesfirst collection, (and not just because I got to shoot some of it with Create & Cultivate’s 100!) and I love a good triple-high sneaker, so these crispy clean beauties are my favorite nod to Pam Beesley and her Dundie.

It’s a look I’d wear out for a summer picnic, a hike, a coffee date… or even to fly a long distance in! You absolutely can’t be more comfortable than this.

And here we go again with kinda the same, but different…

Anne’s spin: went down the same sneakers’n’jacket road, but went with some mix’n’match patterns thanks to that tote and Ruti’s Striped Ruby Top. Can you ever, ever go wrong with a striped top? I submit that it might be the timeless piece of clothing that can just never get phased out.

We’ll be back more next Tuesday with another outfit done two different ways! xo

photos by Jayden for Echo and Earl.

two girls, one kit: the off-the-shoulder benita top from sachin & babi

For someone who claims I never wear shorts, this is my second Two Girls, One Kit ensemb where I’m wearing ’em. Who knew!

The Amazing: Sachin & Babi are redefining eveningwear, with the mission “to make dressing up fun, easy and empowering, no matter the occasion or time of day.” 

I saw that statement as a bit of a challenge, and decided to create a look that I would wear to a work brunch or even out to dinner — because they’re right — dressing up can be fun and easy at any time of day!

The Common Piece: the Fairy Top in Black… Flowy enough to feel relaxed, but sleek enough to dress up, this piece is a great take on the current off-the-shoulder trend.

My take: cut off Levi’s and a pair of thigh-high boots help bring just enough skin to the table, while the Sachin & Babi Coconut Earrings in Navy throw a grand dose of statement to keep my neck from being too bare.

These handmade earrings are not only fabulous with their tiny beaded detail; they’re also clip-on! Because some of us didn’t get our ears pierced on our 12th birthdays … (OK, but I did.)

How do you feel about it? Would you wear this look?

I laughed when I saw Anne’s look — clearly we both got the jeans with navy details and black boots memo, eh?

Anne’s spin: though like mine in the jeans / black boot category, Anne brought the masculine energy with her chic boots and long, wide jeans.

Hit her blog to read more about her post and the details behind her look!

We jeans-and-shoulderless-top-wearing-girls will see you again next Tuesday! xo

photos by Jayden for Echo and Earl.

two girls, one kit: the black lace jumpsuit from fame and partners

Hello, hello, Tuesday! Hello, Two Girls, One Kit.

Sum’n a bit new and fun today… I got dressed up. 

Yup! I might live in leggings and comfortable ensembs, but sometimes I actually like going out. And when I do? I like to look like this…

I know. Shocking, right?

Well, let me tell you more.

The Amazing: Fame & Partners are my people. Made to order clothes that are absolutely affordable. Their business model? No mass production. No storage. No excess. That’s like, the European dream right there. They made my jumpsuit when I ordered itAnd I could have tweaked it… there are different versions of this same jumpsuit that are on this same link…

The Common Piece: Black Edge Of Town Jumpsuit … like I said. This is the jumpsuit my way, but you want the lining full length? Done. You want a higher neckline? Done. Different back without the ties? Your wish is their command. I am so in love with F&P!

My take: OK, so, when I go out, I like to make a bit of a statement.. but it has to still be fairly simple. (I am so never gonna be the girl who takes 2 hours to get ready. Can’t do it.)

So, I’m into bold lippy, and a bit o’ bam.

(Shoes are old Aldos from a few years ago…)

The back of the jumpsuit my way is so ’90s prom-perfect that I had to have it. Can we also talk about the bottom of the legs? The scalloped lace! Yes!

I don’t really like showing off my legs, but with this, the silhouette is there to bring some sexy back, and the lace is the happy-medium between too much and not enough. Feel me?

10 minutes of effort and I am out. the. door. There is champagne to drink and friends to meet! Ammiright?

Not to shock you again, but Anne’s take is a wee bit diff… ready?

Anne’s spin: comfy cazhhhh and a whole lot of layers!

And flats. She’s speakin’ my cozy language!

Who says a jumpsuit has to be worn as a jumpsuit? No one would even know with this look, and that is all kinds of inventive, if you ask me!

Same jumpsuit, totally different take. Love it, Anne…

See you next Tuesday for another installment, friends! xo

Photos by Jayden / Echo and Earl.