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We’ve got quite the story for you today!

Enter: Katie + Jeff.

These guys met on, which they’re quite proud of, and they should be!  They certainly turned us into believers.  Whenever one of our single friends complains about how hard it is to meet people like they are, we literally start telling them about these two, and about how they need to give it a go.

So, next comes the wedding.  Chicago.  A pink BHLDN gown.  Two ceremonies.  And so very much celebrating.

Katie described their day like this; “Fun! Also meaningful and emotional and funny and beautiful and so true to us, but most of all, it was fun. We thought a lot about how this was our opportunity to have all of our favorite people in one room and how we really wanted to maximize that. So that meant finding the coolest officiant ever and awesome music and dancing and manhattans and fried chicken and pumpkin pie. And if you mix all of those things with the coolest friends and family it equals SO MUCH FUN. It’s basically science.”  [No, but seriously.  It was so much fun!]

Katie + Jeff shared their advice for future brides/grooms currently planning their wedding, and they might be the best things we’ve ever heard: Three things:  1. Hire Woodnote! You’ll have the most beautiful pictures and be the envy of all of your friends. (They didn’t even pay me to say that.)  2. Also, hire a month-of or day-of coordinator. I can’t even tell you how much stress Kristine relieved from my life in the days leading up to and on the wedding day. So worth it.  3. And finally, if you can, write your own vows. It will be so stressful before, but it makes that part of the ceremony so much more personal and lovely. Let me put it this way…I cried when Jeff read his vows the first time. I’ve cried every time I’ve read his vows since then. I’m crying as I write this. And I probably wouldn’t be if we had done traditional vows.  [Side notes: no, we didn't pay them to say that, but gosh, it made our hearts swell to read it!  YES to hiring a coordinator, OMG, PLZ.  And YES to writing your own vows!  No lie, we were bawling during Katie + Jeff's vows.  They were so personal + so honest, beautiful + raw.  They made us remember why we are married, and why spending the rest of your life with your soul mate is a privilege, and not a right.  It was an incredible thing to witness and capture, and we absolutely agree with Katie + Jeff’s words of advice!

And so now, without further editorial comments, we give you the images!  Happy Friday, everyone!  xo

*Katie + Jeff’s day is also published over on 100 Layer Cake today, so be sure to check out their feature for more of this goodness!  

A few words from Jeff: “What was most incredible to me about our wedding day was the fact that every cliché I had ever heard was absolutely 100% accurate. People would tell me that you are overcome with joy to be surrounded by all of your friends and family who have traveled from near and far. True. People would tell me that it will be the greatest day of my life. True. People would tell me that everything is going to go by so fast and that it is very important to stop and take some time, even if it is just a few seconds, to stand back and enjoy the moment. Also true. This last piece of advice truly resonated with me and one of the moments that truly stands out to me was immediately following the ceremony. Katie and I retreated to a tiny back room where the two of us were all alone for a few minutes, and we could just revel in the joy of the commitment we had just made to one another. It was only later that I realized Caroline had managed to sneak back there in the most unobtrusive way possible and snap a picture of the two of us taking our first selfie as a married couple. It is one of my favorite moments of the entire wedding experience, and I am so grateful that Caroline was sneaky enough to capture a photo of it happening. Caroline and Jayden documented the day so brilliantly, but we never felt like they were in our face even for a second. They felt more like a pair of friends who were simply enjoying our wedding with everyone else.”  *jeez, Jeff!  Way to make us teary!  Thank you for your words!  xo


Photographer  - Woodnote Photography

Wedding planner – Kristine Aletha Weddings

Katie’s Dress – BHLDN

Katie’s shoes- Michael Kors

Katie’s Jewellery – BHLDN

Jeff’s Suit – J.Crew

Jeff’s Shoes – Cole Haan

Bridesmaid’s gowns- J.Crew

Hair + Makeup – Flawless Beauty Chicago

Flowers – Forget Me Knodt

Stationery & paper goods- Jeff’s talented sister, Kris Davidson!

Wedding Mass Ceremony Venue- St. Vincent de Paul Church

Second Ceremony / Reception Venue – Loft on Lake

Ceremony Music – The Reverend John DeLore

Reception Music – Style Matters

Caterers- Hearty Boys

Dessert – Pies from Bang Bang Pie Shop

Processional – Into the Mystic (Van Morrison), Holcene (Bon Iver) performed by the Reverend John DeLore (he’s amazing talent!)

First Dance – God Only Knows (the Beach Boys)

Mother/Son + Father/Daughter Dance – What a Wonderful World sung by Katie’s Grandpa

lake michigan engagement shoot (erin+mike are engaged!) – southwest michigan wedding photographers

These two.

We rendezvous’d in a lil place called Pure Michigan.  They got out of their car, giggling.  “We’re so nervous.  We’re so bad in front of the camera.”

We hear that a lot, you know.  And we understand.  There’s a reason why we stay on the other side of the lens.  ;)

But then, after all of that unnecessary nervousness, this happened.  (So, see, fellow camera-fearers?  It’s really not as bad as you think!)

We just adored the time we spent with these lovelies, and can’t wait for their big day that is comin’ up oh-so soon!  xx

topanga canyon wedding at the 1909 (max + cory are married!) – los angeles wedding photographers

Remember Max + Cory?  The crush continues today with their wedding!  

After a few years of friendship within a close knit circle of people, one summer they realized that they were each others “one”.  Max says, “From the moment we started dating there was something different.  On New Years of 2013, a friend asked when we were getting married and we kind of just looked at each other, shrugged, and said, “This year, I guess”.  I think that pretty much sums up our attitude on life.  Have fun, go with the flow, and follow your gut.”

Their special day was just that.  “A killer day surrounded by good friends, good food, good tunes, good vibes, and good wine!”  [Max's words, and we agree!]

Favorite memories from Max + Cory: [M] Honestly, it went by so fast.  Too fast.  Cory looked so handsome that day, memories of seeing him for the first time still brings tears and chills.  My dad’s speech blew me and everyone away.  He is such a joker, but to see him get so emotional was really moving.  I will remember that forever.  The Internet wasn’t working up until about 15 minutes before the ceremony, and all our playlist were made on Spotify.  There is a picture of all the girls finding out and every time I see it, I die laughing.  [*It's included in this blog post.  Watch for it!]  I think seeing all of our friends and family in one place having so much fun was a good feeling.  With all the work you put into the day, the one hope you have is that everyone has a good time.  I definitely think we accomplished that.  [C]  My favorite moment was seeing Max for the first time.  I also loved her dad’s speech.  It was a mix of hilarious and emotional.  [US] Are we allowed to have favorite memories?  Because, let’s be real, Max’s dad’s speech literally brought the house down.  Everyone was in tears.  Including us.  We hear alotta speeches, and this one will forever sit at the ‘Most perfect speech ever, no, really’ spot.             

A new question we’ve added: Did either/both of you change your last names after you got married?  ”I am changing my last name, or at least will when I get my butt to the DMV.  I am a pretty progressive person, but I like the traditional custom of being a unit in spirit and name.  Plus, [Cory's last name] is kind of bad-ass.”  [It is.  You're right, G.]                                                                       

Any advice for future brides/grooms currently planning their wedding?  ”It’s the standard advice.  Have fun, don’t take it too serious, and take mental pictures.  You will laugh at what a crazy person you become.  I remember seeing a water glass option for the table and literally holding back tears because it was so off from what I wanted.  We walked out of the rental warehouse and I just lost it and cried, but then I started laughing and said out loud, “Who am I right now ?!?!”  I’m not going to lie.  [Side note: Max, you are hilarious.]  Planning a wedding can easily become a nightmare if you let it.   I ended up hiring a day of coordinator 2 weeks before the wedding, and it really took some pressure off me as far as the little things people need answers to.  It also gave me the space to really enjoy the day.   With everything said and done, remember why you are doing this, because that’s reason enough!  Also, make sure you eat.” 

We’re so excited to share these images with all of you today.  This was a magical day with the most glorious bridal party, the most amazing Rabbi who seriously floored all of us with his message.. this wedding is everything we love about LA; gorgeous people who know how to party + know how to love.  Enjoy some of our favorite frames from Max + Cory’s day!  xx

[*This is that moment that Max was talking about.  Hilarious, right?!]

this moment!  gah!  melt.

Folks to Credit:

Photographer – Caroline + Jayden of Woodnote Photography

Wedding planner – Jeffrey Caballero + Max

Day of Cordinator – Nam Lam of Modern LA Weddings

Rentals – Town and Country

Max’s Dress – w too purchased from Lovely Bride

Max’s shoes – vintage

Max’s Jewellery – vintage [bracelets are vintage Hermes]

Cory’s Suit – vintage Pierre Cardin

Cory’s Shoes – Vintage

Groomsmen’s suits – Top Shop [TopMan]

Bridesmaid’s gowns- Shareen Vintage custom

Hair stylist – Danny Rishoff  at Meche Salon

Makeup artist – Mariah Nicole

Flowers – Jeffrey Caballero of Mr. Caballero Creative

Stationery & paper goods - custom invite design and printed on wood in India by Cards of Wood

Ceremony + Reception Venue - the 1909 in Topanga

Celebrant/Officiant - Rabbi Arthur Rosenberg

Wedding favors - miniature succulents and cacti put together by Max + some help from friends

Caterers (including Pies for dessert): Bread and Water Catering

Wedding rings - engagement is vintage 1920’s and band is groom’s grandmothers, Cory’s ring is 1940 vintage

Bridal party processional song – Dream a Little Dream by the Mamas + the Papas (Max says, “Anytime I hear this song, I cry.  It’s a love song without being too cheesy or predictable.  It’s a good tune.”)

Max’s processional song – Colours by Donovan (Max says, “I am definitely not an orchestral girl, but wanted a song with lyrics that wouldn’t overpower the moment.  The beauty of that song is in the simplicity and talking about the little moments of why Donovan thinks this girl is so beautiful, like just waking up in the morning or the freedom of having love around you.”)

Recessional song – Pentagram’s cover of “Under my Thumb”.  Max says, “This song was my favorite to pick. was my special way of  giving Cory a bit of some Metal on a particularly girly day.  I think the songs really capture the mix of our relationship.”

First dance song – Harvest Moon by Neil Young.  Max says, “We weren’t sure we were going to have a first dance, as Cory isn’t much of a dancer, or an all eyes on me kind of guy.  He did it for me which made the moment even better.”                                                      

we’re going to INDiA [again] with yeah field trip! who wants to join us?


If you know us, you know that India is one of our first loves.. a place that owns a huge portion of our hearts.  (If you don’t know us, we go to India a lot, + we also do this thing called Elephant Landing.)

So we were pretty stoked when our friends at Field Trip asked us to lead a small group of photographers / creatives + take an adventure together in India later this year!

The signup just opened, but it’s already filling up quickly, so if you’re interested, definitely check out more info here.  We’d love to met you, and get to share this experience together!



st. john’s military academy wedding (rachel + chris are married!) – milwaukee wedding photographers

We’re trying this new thing.  Have you noticed?  It’s called blogging recent work ASAP.  We like it, so we’re going to do it again.  Yes, we still have lots of amazing weddings to blog from 2013, but before those go live, we have a few of our favorites from Rachel + Chris’ day to share with you!

Here’s what you’re about to see: a huge [+ amazing] Italian family, a gorgeous spring day, a puppy ring-bearer, + a dance party to end all dance parties … oh!  And can I mention that we got married in the very spot that these two said their vows?  So, y’know.  Lots of sentimental glances between Jayden + me…  ;)  Enjoy a few frames from this incredibly joyous day!  xx

by Caroline

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