st. john’s military academy wedding (rachel + chris are married!) – milwaukee wedding photographers

We’re trying this new thing.  Have you noticed?  It’s called blogging recent work ASAP.  We like it, so we’re going to do it again.  Yes, we still have lots of amazing weddings to blog from 2013, but before those go live, we have a few of our favorites from Rachel + Chris’ day to share with you!

Here’s what you’re about to see: a huge [+ amazing] Italian family, a gorgeous spring day, a puppy ring-bearer, + a dance party to end all dance parties … oh!  And can I mention that we got married in the very spot that these two said their vows?  So, y’know.  Lots of sentimental glances between Jayden + me…  ;)  Enjoy a few frames from this incredibly joyous day!  xx

by Caroline

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san francisco sunrise family photos (brittany + rich + twinnies!) – san francisco photographers

We’ve known + loved these guys for a long time now.  (Remember this shoot way back when?)  So we felt pretty stoked to get to be a part of Rich’s birthday weekend adventures with the family!  Major props to everyone for being so bright eyed and bushy tailed so early in the morning!  We sure loved making these photographs with you 4, and we hope that you’ll enjoy them for decades to come!  xoxo

by Caroline

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ripponlea estate wedding melbourne (rebecca + michael are married!) – melbourne wedding photographers

Beck + Michael might be the kindest people on planet earth.  They are literally all smiles, + nothing but nice!  You kinda can’t believe it unless you experience it firsthand.  They’re that lovely.

After meeting years ago at a club (best story ever!), they’ve grown + evolved together into the beautiful duo that was celebrated on this day.  Ripponlea was the perfect place, and we were totally thrilled to have this beautiful day kick off our year of 2014 weddings!  (Not that we’re done blogging 2013 weddings yet.  Whoops.) 

Now, you may notice that things look a little different in this post.  That’s because I decided to only blog horizontal images in black+white!  If you visit photography blogs very often, sometimes one post just bleeds into the next, so we figured it was time to stir things up a bit.  Plus, Beck + Michael’s day was so classic that it just begs for those crisp B+W images, don’t you think?!  We’re so excited to share some of the incredible moments of love, commitment + joy from this special day.  Beck + Michael, cheers!  Thank you so much for having us be apart of this season of your life together!  And to everyone else … happy weekend!  xx

whoops … I broke my own rule;)

the best place pabst brewery milwaukee wedding (megan + josh are married!) – milwaukee wedding photographers

Megan is a stylist.  Josh works for Vans.

So how is it that these two gorgeous people eventually met?

Josh tells the story like this, “We met through a client of Megan’s. He invited her out wakeboarding with his friends, who were new to the area. When she got to the house she noticed a sweet 1954 Ford Victoria in the drive way.  She asked who’s car it was, and was interested in me even before she saw what a hottie I was…;) We  got to know each other hanging out with everyone as friends, but quickly stopped inviting friends along (and told each other that our other friends were “busy” and “couldn’t come”), so our ‘hang outs’ ended up being dates!  …And the rest is history.”  :)

Megan + Josh got engaged in December 2012, and married in April 2013.  (Yup, we’re really blogging their wedding 13 months after the fact!  Oops.)  They pulled a stunning wedding day together in less than 4 months..!  From DIY’ing their table runners and the ring box, to having their moms / aunts / grandmas / sister / cousins all make special family recipes for their (insanely amazing) dessert table, and having Josh’s pastry-chef cousin make their cake, every detail of their day was about bringing friends + family together, and pulling it off with one big team effort.

If you had to sum up your wedding in a sentence, how would you describe it?:  “Absolutely AWESOME! It was just a big party that was simple, casual and was full of all the important things to us… family, friends, good food and drinks!”

Any advice for future brides/grooms currently planning their wedding?:  “Just remember its only ONE day that goes by SO quickly.  Make sure you remember what its really about, and that is what really matters – NOT all the small things that might not go exactly as planned.  Just enjoy every moment of it!”  

You might remember these faces from their engagement sesh back in April 2013, but now, we’re ever-so excited to share some of our favorite moments from Megan + Josh’s day of celebrations.  The rain couldn’t stop their calm or their joy, and a burst of sun decided to grace us with its presence at exactly the right moments during portrait hour.  Magic!  Guys, thank you so much for choosing us!  We were really quite stoked + honored to be able to be with you on your big day.  Congrats, again!  xx

Some Credits:

Photographer – Caroline + Jayden of Woodnote Photography

Rentals – A La Crate

Megan’s Dress – David’s Bridal

Megan’s shoes – Journee Collection

Megan’s Jewellery – etsy

Josh’s Suit – Brook’s Brothers

Josh’s Shoes – Florsheim

Groomsmen’s Shoes – Vans

Bridesmaid’s gowns – Nordstrom

Makeup artist – Kristal Sherman

Flowers – Avant Garden Florist (Delafield)

Stationery + paper goods – Lolo Lincoln (etsy)

Megan’s ‘Getting Ready’ Location – the Iron Horse Hotel

Ceremony + Reception Venue – The Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery

Ceremony + Reception Music – Accent Events

Caterers – Bubb’s

Ceremony Songs – You Are the Best Thing (Ray LaMontagne) + Next to Me (Emeli Sande)

First Dance – Just Breathe (Pearl Jam) (* this was a song that Megan put on a ‘makeout mix’ she made for Josh when they first started dating );)

pritzlaff wedding milwaukee (miranda + jon are married!) – milwaukee wedding photographers

An NYC duo with a fierce love for each other [remember their engagement session in Central Park?], an historic Milwaukee warehouse, a Marchesa dress, a gospel choir, a 4-foot croquembouche, the color green, food stations with menus referencing favorite NYC spots, candlelit vows, dancing ’til 2am, + both a husband + a wife with new [combined!] surnames [so cool!] … these are a few of the memories we have of Miranda + Jon’s indescribable day last November.  Not to mention the fact that we ended the day with these two as friends, and a note from Jon that made us teary, (It said; “You guys will be our photographers for any life events that we have.  There’s no chance that there is a team that is better.”)  This is a a couple + a celebration of love for the books!

Miranda told us ‘the meeting story’ [+ it is such a good one!]: Jon and I met on August 9, 2006 at a well-known Milwaukee pub. It was on a random Wednesday night and we were both there separately with friends. All of a sudden, someone bumped into me and I turned around quickly to just say a meaningless “sorry” and the red head that bumped into me said “Ow! That really hurt.” I smiled and laughed at his sarcasm and we started talking from that moment. We realized how much our lives were aligned starting with the fact that Jon was equally as obsessed with the idea of leaving the Midwest and starting his life in New York City as I was.  That evening, I knew I found the man I was going to marry. I told my mom the next morning, “I’ll never kiss another man again,” only we hadn’t even set our first date, yet let alone had a kiss. It was perfect and to this day I have a ring  (that I now wear stacked with my wedding band) that has a number nine on it to always keep that day (well, really night) in my mind. The night I met Jon was, hands down, the best night of my life.

If you had to sum up your wedding in a sentence, how would you describe it?:  The day we got to throw a huge party to celebrate our love for each other (and the food was amazing).;)

Any advice for future brides/grooms currently planning their wedding?  Hire help. I know, it’s easy to say and it simply just isn’t in the budget for most people but Megan really was the glue that not only held our wedding together but what keep my sanity in check. Jon and I are really busy and having Megan just an email away was, more than anything, so comforting. She kept us organized and met with our vendors when we couldn’t be there. She was always on our side and sometimes, as a bride and groom planning a big event, you need as many people on your side as you possibly can.

PS : We’re super excited to say that this wedding is featured on the front page of Style Me Pretty today, so be sure to check out the feature right here!  

Jon’s favorite memory from the day:  “I have to admit, I was opposed to having a first look. I had never heard of people doing that before and it sounded strange to see Miranda before she walked down the aisle. Now, I get it and I loved it. Seeing her in that amazing dress for the first time was incredibly moving. I was completely blown away with how beautiful she looked. The tears flowed out of my eyes instantly.”

hottest, most Mad Men-esque wedding party ever?  we think so.  ;)

A rad ceremony-story from Miranda:

During the planning stages I was driving myself nuts trying to find a rug I could either rent or borrow as I had my heart set on getting married on top of a beautiful woven rug. Well, in Wisconsin that’s a little bit out of reach and buying one simply was not in the budget. I was just about to give up on my rug idea. But one day, I was at a work event (at the time I was a market editor at a interior design magazine based in New York City) and it was at a beautiful and over-the-top Afgan rug showroom. I was there to learn more about the rugs and to see if they would fit into any stories I was planning to run. I start chatting up the owner of the company, Bahram, and I found out that he lives in Milwaukee! He raised his three daughters there and his flagship store was about five miles from where we were to be married. Still, thinking nothing of it, I excitedly said, “I’m from Milwaukee, too!” Long story short, Bahram said to me that it would be his honor to lend me a rug for my wedding and that in his country, it is good luck to get married on a rug because they have magical powers and are woven with so much love. I was blown away. Here I was, getting a little sad that I wouldn’t have a rug to get married on and, out of nowhere, it was just handed to me. He had no idea I wanted to get married on top of a rug  and here he was, insisting I borrow one of his. It was such an intense moment and touching gesture and it just proves that there are so many good, kind-hearted people out there in the world. Bahram is at the top of that list. 

Be sure to watch M+J’s video montage … that Robert Ingraham blows our minds with his work!

Miranda and Jon from Robert Ingraham on Vimeo.


Photographer – Woodnote Photography

Videographer- Robert Ingraham

Wedding Planning – Megan Potter at Dare to Dream Weddings

Miranda’s Dress – Marchesa purchased at Gabriella NYC

Miranda’s shoes- J.Crew

Miranda’s Jewelry – all vintage

Jon’s Tux – J.Crew

Groomsmen’s suits – their own

Bridesmaid’s gowns- Hunter green Dessy in three various styles

Bridesmaids Shoes- their own

Bridesmaids Jewelry- Astrological gold cuff – CatBird in NYC; gold bangles, various

Hair stylist – Halo Milwaukee

Makeup artist – Blush Milwaukee

Flowers – Mari Trific at Whole Foods Market Milwaukee

Stationery & paper goods – Custom designed invitations – JP Stationery

Ceremony and Reception Venue- The Historic Pritzlaff building

Celebrant/Officiant – Judith Kubish

Ceremony Music – Cellist, Kristian Ring; Choir: The Marquette University Gospel Choir

Reception Music – DJ CprodG AKA Cornell McIntosh Brooklyn

Wedding favors – Donation to the Wisconsin Humane Society & Miracle Fortune Fish

Caterers- Saz’s

Cake –  Croquembouche from Éclair bakery in Chicago

Wedding rings- The Jewel Boutique in NYC 

Ceremony songs: Processional: John Mayer’s Gravity, sung by our gospel choir, Ring Warming: Peter Gabriel’s The Book of LoveRecessional: Brighter Day

First Dance: Joe Cocker’s version of Something

by Caroline

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