introducing: light lab! a creative studio + event space in los angeles.

Earlier this week, I mentioned that our blog absence could (and would) soon be revealed, and today, the time has finally come!

If you follow me on Snapchat, (I’m teamwoodnote over there) this may come as no surprise, but, we have been working on renovating a 2000 square foot warehouse space in the Atwater Village area of LA. (I feel like I need to say that a few times, cuz we have kept it quiet for so long that I’m kinda ready to shout it! We are almost done with a 5 month project of renovating a warehouse, and it has nearly killed us, but I can’t wait for you to see it! Yelling feels good sometimes. Y’know?) 

The space is called Light Lab, and Jayden + I share it with our dear friend and frequent-collaborator, Anne Sage. You’ve seen Anne many, many times on this here blog, for almost 5 years now, and it is safe to say you’ll be seeing even more of her from now on. The 3 of us dove into this project seeing potential and possibility above all else, and through the countless hours of demolition, painting, wallpapering, tiling, cabinet building.. (and more), we have only become more grateful for the friendship and partnership that we share with her. (Anne, we love you!)

(A photo I snapped with my phone on our very first walkthrough of the space… feels kinda good to look at this now and actually see we’re making progress!)

Since this has been such a mega process, we’ve been taking time lapse footage to document the entire transformation, and my incredibly talented brother Robert put together this little video to give you a glimpse into what we’ve already created…

After some mega days of demolition, we got to see a somewhat blank slate, and started dreaming about what we would put into the fresh space. Sarah Sherman Samuel is a long-time friend/collaborator as well, and someone that Jayden, Anne + I all absolutely respect + admire when it comes to interior design work and innovative aesthetics. I wrote her an email about the idea of designing our Light Lab kitchen, and then held my breath while I hit ‘refresh’ every 2 minutes. Working with Sarah on any capacity is always an absolute dream, and on a personal note, I couldn’t have thought of anyone else on earth that I would have been so excited to collab with!

Turns out, Sarah was totally up for the challenge.. and she even was game to take on the addition of the bathroom design! Guys, it is so good. Like I-want-to-live-in-the-new-bathroom good. Sarah is sharing her design layout and process on her blog today, so be sure to head over here! She’s giving away a lot more than I am in this post, so you don’t wanna miss it.

Though still incomplete, the space has already seen a few magic-filled events and a few miracles, too.. like the Gungor album launch/listening party, where 150 people sauntered in with smiles on their faces, oblivious to the fact that the toilet had only been functioning for the 29 minutes prior to their arrival.. or Ruby Roth’s ‘Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids’ release where another 125+ people enjoyed a celebration, unaware of the newly completed wall that had been rebuilt hours before, due to the discovery that the electrical wiring in the space was not to code. Oh yes, this space knows miracles, and this space knows possibility. And we are only just getting started!

Stay tuned.. we’re booking events now, and have some pretty exciting workshops / dinner parties / photo shoots up our sleeves beginning early June, plus, I’ll be sure to blog again with the full tour once the space is complete, and will include all of the sources, too! Until then, don’t forget to hit Sarah’s post about her design process, and get a glimpse of what the finished space is gonna look like.. Happy Friday! xx

May 6, 2016 - 1:36 pm

Stephen So cool guys! Is it weird that I kind of want to try out that snazzy pink bathroom while we’re out in LA next month??

turner hall ballroom wedding (laura + conor are married!) – photojournalistic wedding photographers

Hello, hello! Me again! Back for the 2nd of my blog 3 times a week challenge in May. And now: Laura + Conor!

Remember these babes in the freezing cold winter shoot?

Their wedding day was, oh, about 90 degrees warmer than that December day. A custom wedding dress, a musical family and a stunning historic ballroom in downtown Milwaukee. This is one you don’t wanna miss…

holman ranch wedding (niki + nick are married!) – carmel valley wedding photographers

Well hello, hello. If it isn’t May 2016!

The past 2.5 months have been especially nuts-o for team woodnote, and blogging seemed to be the first thing to go. So, we’ve decided to blog multiple days a week all month! Are you ready for this? We’re going to unleash some serious levels of backlogged gorgeousness, so hang on for the ride! (And come back on Wednesday to find out why the past 2.5 months have been so very cray-cray…) Until then, meet Niki + Nick! (Unless you remember them from their engagement sesh back in 2014?!)

Niki + Nick grew up in the same town… since Nick is 4 years older than Niki, they didn’t start hanging out until after Niki graduated from college and moved back to Orange County. “We met at a mutual friends house one day during summer while we were hanging out by the pool and that night, Nick asked me out.” Nick knows a good thing when he sees one, what can I say?!

If you had to sum up your wedding in a sentence, how would you describe it?: The best day of our lives; SO fun, absolutely gorgeous, and filled with lots of love.

Nick’s most memorable moment: Messing up his vows. 😉 (He vowed to always cherish his heart…typical only child)

Any advice for future brides/grooms currently planning their wedding? Have fun and make sure to hire photographers. 

And now, the gorgeousness that is Niki + Nick!


Photographers – Caroline + Jayden of Woodnote Photography

Videographer – Frame 44 Weddings

Wedding planner – Engaged + Inspired

Niki’s Dress – Jim Hjelm

Niki’s shoes- Brian Atwood

Niki’s Jewellery – Headpiece and earrings – BHLDN, Belt and veil – Be Something New

Nick’s Suit – Dolce + Gabbana

Nick’s Shoes – Hugo Boss

Groomsmen’s Suits + Shoes – The Black Tux

Bridesmaid’s gowns – BHDLN (Jenny Yoo) Sashes – Be Something New

Bridesmaids Jewellery – J Crew

Hair + Makeup – Melissa Marie Hair & Makeup

Flowers – Huckleberry Karen

Ceremony + Reception Venue – Holman Ranch

Celebrant/Officiant – Brian Lyke

Ceremony + Reception Music – The Lucky Devils

Caterers – Paradise Catering

Cake – Kay Cakes Bakery

Transport – Beshoff Motorcars

Signage – Carly Bennett (Cinamon Girl Etsy)

woodnote wedding albums [what to do with your 700 wedding images]

(Have a look! example of steph + adrian’s wedding day album, a renaissance soho album with the cover material in tribeca leather cement.)

Your wedding day has come and gone.. the food has been eaten and the dances have been danced. Eight weeks of newlywed life have zipped by, and then, your portfolio arrives! Second best day ever! So, you pour two glasses of wine and sit down with your love for a few hours of sifting through the memories. 700 photos is a lot of photos, but you love seeing the faces of your dearest friends and family all in one space, celebrating side by side.

So now what?

You’re glad you have the hundreds of photos to look back on, but you don’t have that much wall space, and you hardly know how to pick any fewer faves than 50. (Or 500, because damn you all looked so good!)

Enter: your wedding album.

Sure, you want to print a few for your house, and pop a few up on Facebook and the ol’ Insta, but creating a tangible expression of your day sounds like the perfect way to let your photos exist as something more than a folder of .jpgs.

Many of our couples opt for this route, and so we thought it might be nice to shed some light on what this process is like, and, show you a finished product, too!

Our most popular (and personal favorite) album is the SoHo flush mount album from Renaissance Albums. Handmade in NYC with a lifetime warranty, these seamless pages provide a panoramic option for fully customizable layouts.. the obvious choice for anyone who is picky about how their photos look and how their story is told. So, once you’ve looked through your images enough to start to pick your faves, you create a folder of ‘hearted’ images in your online gallery and share the link with me. Next, I create a layout that looks a bit like this, and you get to write back and forth with me and give me your tweaks and revisions until you absolutely love the final design. Oh! And you get to choose your cover material then, too. You get to love every detail..!

(Here are a few spreads from Max + Cory’s album)





(and here are a few from Steph + Adrian’s, too…)






Sometimes, couples are happy with the very first layout I send over, and sometimes, it takes a few times to rearrange and play ’til they know they’re 100% happy. Either way, we love the chance to revisit these magic-filled moments, knowing that the albums we create together will be seen by children, grandchildren, and celebrated for the decades to come.

(If you haven’t watched the video at the top of this post, be sure to check it out! 90 seconds, and a quick chance to see the lovely, thick pages and get a sense for what your album will look like when it is all done.) xx

rancho dos pueblos wedding (andrea + tanner are married!) – santa barbara wedding photographers

Before the wedding images begin, a little PSA: Today is a bit of a special day in Woodnoteland. Today is the sixth anniversary of this blog. Whoa, right? We’ve been shooting weddings since 2009, and on this day in 2010, we shared our very first post on the world wide web. We feel pretty sentimental and grateful today. We’ve gotten to hear and witness so many glorious stories in our time, and made lifelong friends in the process, too. There is a heckuvalotta love represented on these pages, and a lot of trials of life, too. Thank you for being along for this journey.

Side note: you might notice ye olde blog got a bit of a facelift today, too! It felt like time. We can’t have images of us from 4 years ago scrolling across the top of the page. So, those images up there? That’s really us. Like, realtime, currently what we look like. Also, yes. Jayden just donated 12″ of ginger locks a few days ago. Anyway. Enough about us!

Now. Andrea + Tanner time. Do you remember their engagement sesh in Chicago back in 2014? It was downright magical to rendezvous with them on the other side of the country for their big day in Santa Barbara. These two love each other with a true and tender love.. just imagine them falling in love over Disney songs [true story], and you’ll get a sense for what it feels like to be around them. It really is unique and completely beautiful to witness! A+T, we miss you guys. Thank you so much for choosing + trusting us! Now, we’ll hand it over to you! xo

We met on a study abroad program in Greece. Our flirtation sparked over the discovery of our mutual appreciation for Disney songs, which our officiant highlighted during our wedding ceremony by integrating a ‘magic carpet ride’ theme into the program. Our wedding was a bigger version of one of our favorite activities – gathering family and friends and sharing great food and drinks in a beautiful setting, creating fun moments and fond memories. The entire day truly felt like a dream, and flew by way too fast, as many others had warned us it would…”

Any advice for future brides/grooms currently planning their wedding? “Invest a substantial amount of your time and effort to find vendors you trust. Being able to work with vendors that you can establish as partners makes the planning process so much more fun and creates a higher probability for an effortless day of event.”



Woodnote Note: we love sneaking away from the party for a few quiet moments during sunset, and we are super stoked that Andrea + Tanner trusted us enough to know it would be worth missing a few moments of their reception to make these…

And now, back to the party…

“…one of our favorite impromptu moments was when a favorite song of Tanner’s Dad was played towards the end of the evening. Somehow our immediate family all ended up on the dance floor, linking arms and jumping around in a circle to the rhythm of the song. It was such a silly display, but an authentic expression of the excitement felt by both families throughout the celebration.”


Photographer – Caroline + Jayden of Woodnote Photography

Videographer – James Tull

Wedding planner – Donna Romani

Rentals – A Rental Connection

Andrea’s Dress – Monique Lhuillier

Andrea’s Shoes – Badgley Mischka

Andrea’s Jewelry – Headband by Jennifer Behr

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Camille La Vie

Tanner’s Suit – Balani

Tanner’s Shoes – Bruno Magli

Groomsmen’s Suits – The Black Tux

Hair + Makeup – Mar at Team Hair & Makeup

Flowers – Rhonda Fauci at Command Performance Catering

Caterers – Command Performance Catering

Stationery & paper goods – Wedding Paper Divas

Ceremony/Reception Venue- Casa Grande at Rancho Dos Pueblos

Reception Music – DJ Shammy Dee

First Dance Song – Van Morrison ‘Into the Mystic