walk of frame: elizabeth + ty’s destination wedding at the wyld in savannah

It isn’t everyday you get to photograph your dear friend.

Especially not every day that the wedding happens on a dock in Savannah, Georgia.

Elizabeth + Ty’s day was the most lighthearted, tear-filled day you could ever imagine. We can’t wait to share more from their celebrations with you soon.

The Dress.

The Duo.

The Babe.

The Groom Zips the Bride.


Bride bae.

Southern Charmers.

J.Crew Dream

Navy Daze.



Humid Love.

E+T, we love you beyond. x

our ’80s-inspired home reveal: featured on design*sponge

A few months ago, we posted a little bit about the living room/dining room makeover that we were in the midst of, and it is f i n a l l y time to share the reveal with you! In fact, our full home tour went up on Design*Sponge earlier this month, but we just got back to LA after being in 8 states in October already [!], so this is literally the first second I’ve had to sit down and pour out the juicy deets with you. If you want to read a full interview about the home tour, be sure to zip over to read what Grace has to say.

THE LIVING ROOM in all of her glory.

80 yards of velvet. [And all of it is JF Fabrics x Crypton velvet, so it is high-traffic friendly! I don’t need to be stressed about spills, even on the chartreuse!] So much color-blocked deliciousness. Burl wood and chrome for days. It really is our weird and wild dream.

Chrome, chrome and more chrome. Get ready. Its comin’ back, my friends! We went as chunky and as low as we could go. Verellen’s Emile silhouette covered in JF Fabric x Crypton velvet is possibly the most magical match made in heaven. My mom has even slept on the couch and raves about how comfy it is!

I reached out to one of my Insta-idols, Alex of @studioproba to see if she’d collab with us on a custom rug design.

Originally, the idea was to create a super ’80s home, but we quickly realized that there isn’t much ’80s stuff that is still in good shape, so a ton of what we ended up getting was custom. Whoops. Ah well, we love it. And hopefully it’ll inspire makers to make these pieces more accessible to others from now on. 😉

Adam’s stunning painting was the original inspiration for the makeover. How can you incorporate a gallery-sized painting into a tiny living room? Well, let me show you…

Also, those Brooks chairs from Verellen are what dreams are made of. The ribbing has us both just drooling! Lines + light get us the happiest and the most inspired, and these chairs tick both of those boxes..!

Since Adam’s painting was so large, we didn’t want to try and have other artwork compete with it in the same space. Because of that, we decided to get weird and have a custom neon sign made for the other living room wall. Jayden drew a few different sketch ideas, and this is the one we loved the most. Brite Lite Tribe is a rad new-er company that makes new neon signs, which means they’re environmentally friendly and don’t use gas, which is pretty dope, if you ask me.

We affectionately refer to our living room as the coke den. If any Hollywood producers want to use it to film any period pieces, just call me. 😉

Again: custom. Bronze mirror sounded cool and different, so we had it made in a design we created together. We love it.

Oh hey. Its us.

That pink neon sure gives the room a vibe’y vibe at night. We freakin’ love it.

Danae of Folia Collective worked with us to do plant design inside our home, and she really brought the room from a few separate ideas into a completed home. We love her, and we adore her work.

Our BFF, Jess, of Taylor & Taylor was our filter for every single idea we had in this space. I must have texted her 2000 times with “this or this?” type questions. She was patient and amazing! She also found this amethyst table on Chairish, and it was the freakin’ cherry on top, I tell you!

Literally the best plant in the house. No lie.


The view from the living room into the dining room.

Again, weird, yeah?

I found the Pierre Cardin style Z-back chairs in someone’s ‘giveaway’ pile and snagged them for us. We knew we wanted a round table to go with the chairs, but the space is TINY, so we got a custom one made locally and we love it. The maker, Sevak, was rad enough to incorporate some brass elements into the table, too, to tie the chairs together. Gahhh, the glory.

Robert Sonneman chandeliers are usually $$$, but I happened to walk past a shop and see this one hanging in the store, so I started Insta-stalking the owner to see if I could get it ASAP. I love how it effortlessly ties in the chrome of the living room to the brass of the tables + chairs. Bliss!

Glassware from various etsy stores. Love.

Guest bedroom… with wallpaper hung by double sided tape. Cuz, y’know. We’re renters. 😉

Our kitchen is small + mighty. And I may have written our landlord today to see if she’d let us remodel it next. Fingers crossed. 😉

Le bathroom. Cuz everybody poops.

Jayden and I share one closet and one dresser. Who needs a lot of stuff, right?

Our bedroom. You might remember this one from the feature on Domino earlier this year. We still love it. So much.

And there you have it, my friends! Our very weird and wild little space we call home.

What do you think? Could you cope with all the velvet and color-block and chrome? If so, c’mon round! We’d love to have ya. x


Photos by our good friend, Jeff Mindell

Interior design filtering by our dear love, Jess Taylor

Living room:

Drapes made from JFFabrics x Crypton velvet

Bronze mirror custom design by Caroline + Jayden

Sofa – Emile silhouette by Verellen, covered in JF Fabrics x Crypton velvet

Chairs – Brooks silhouette by Verellen, covered in JF Fabrics x Crypton velvet

Coffee table – vintage Milo Baughman, sourced by Jason Tauritz of American Garage

Rug – custom collab between Studio Proba x Caroline

Plant design – Danae of Folia Collective

Oversize painting – Adam Lee

Neon sign – custom design drawn by Jayden and made by Brite Lite Tribe

Wall + ceiling color – Creole Moon by Portola Paints

Gem Wall Hooks – Kip&Co

Amethyst side table – Chairish

Terra cotta plant hanger – Tribe Alive

Faux fur pillows – World Market

Guest room/studio room (flamingo room):

Pink flamingo wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct

Painting by Adam Lee

Mirror from a West Elm x Commune collab

Polkadot sheets from Brooklinen

Round velvet pillow from Kip&Co

Sidetable from Target

Zebra planter from Anthropologie

Dining room:

Quartz dining table – custom design fabricated by Noy Enterprises

Vintage Pierre Cardin Style Z-back chairs found + recovered with JFFabrics x Crypton velvet

Vintage Robert Sonneman chandelier

Colored glass goblets purchased on Etsy

Framed piece by Mercedes Helnwein


Shower curtain by Quiet Town

Our bedroom (‘70s palette with maroon ceiling):

Rug – Coco Carpets

Bedspread – custom koala design by Jayden

Side tables – Target

Framed photo – by Caroline, available on her print shop, TeamWoodnote

Paint Sherwin Williams Romance (walls), Olympic Sweet Spiceberry (ceiling)

Pillows – BoConcept

Chair – Craiglist find (free!) and recovered in rust velvet

Drapes – made by Caroline out of Rebecca Atwood’s Marbled Stripe Fabric in Blush

Three postcard prints by Stephanie Vovas

walk of frame: brianna + ryan’s country chic wedding in wisconsin

These little previews have become our absolute fave.

We’d like to give you a glimpse of: Brianna + Ryan. 

Their day was filled with sunshine. A family farm. And the sexiest sunset you ever did see.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of them here. Very soon.

The Bride[‘s Booty].

The Groom[‘s pocket watch].

The Newlyweds.

The Babe. [Are you even frickin’ kidding me right now?]

The Smokin’ Gent.

Not Coping With the Glory Levels.

[Still Not Coping.]

[…still not…]

Who Knew Corn Could Be So Frickin’ Sexy?

Literally. We forever love these two. And we’ll be showing you so many more frames of juicy love… very, very soon. xo

Location: Steven’s Point, Wisconsin — private family farm

Photos: Caroline + Jayden of Woodnote Photography

loving you feels…: punam + andy

6/6.. the final day is here!

Thank you for the notes and the texts and for letting me know how this series has encouraged and impacted you. Really. The only reason I’ve shared these stories is because I think they’re beautiful and deserve to be celebrated, and so knowing you’re out there celebrating makes it all worth it. More on all of this soon.. there are some exciting things in the works!

For our final day, loving you feels… like Punam + Andy.

If you’ve been here for a really long time, you might recognize these beauties from 2015 and the birth of Annu. Now, nearly 2 years later, Punam + Andy welcomed me into their home to capture a bit of their beautiful love and all that it has created. Their 3rd daughter is only a few months away and their days are fuller than ever, but as they near their 12th wedding anniversary, they say their relationship is better than ever.

So much love, P+A. Even if you end up living in a van on a hill someday, I hope we’ll always be in each others’ lives. Thank you for letting me in on your “slice of life”. xo

Don’t forget to check out their audio snippet.. Andy is a super talented and always busy film + television composer, but they sure do make a lot of jokes about what they’re going to do when his work dries up. The self-employed creative life can sure feel that way! 😉

loving you feels…: cat + kristen

We’re at 5/6 today with Loving you feels… Can you believe it? Where are the days goin’?


Loving you feels… like Cat + Kristen.

And I’m so honored to introduce you to the wives.

The two moved into the house in front of ours’ last year, and so we share a yard together. The Unity Yard, as we’ve now named it.

When our landlord wrote us an intro email to each other, she talked about Cat and her wife, and so I just started referring to the gals as the wives before they’d even moved in or we’d gotten to meet them. (They’ve since made reference to us as ‘the straights’, which feels accurate.) 

We laugh so much with these two and love them so dearly. We sit out in the Unity Yard for hours on end and talk and imbibe and Post Mates Indian food. We feel so lucky that they’re our neighbors and friends, and we feel so inspired by their love and commitment to each other.

They’ve been married for over 2 years now, and have been creating a show called Happy Wife, Happy Life, so they’re basically about to be super famous and we hope they’ll still hang out with us when they are. They’re comedians, they’re actors, they’re activists and ladies who are hugely loyal to their families. Also, we really love their dogs. Jayden buys them treats so that they’ll scamper into our house whenever they see the door is open. Birdie + Grizz are precious to us!

Love feels a lot like Cat + Kristen. Wives, we love you. xo

Don’t forget to listen to this minute o’ their love…

I asked ’em to show me how they cuddle up on the couch when they watch TV…