light lab x spring street social society secret supper los angeles

Last month, we introduced Light Lab — the new photo / studio space that we have been creating since the beginning of the year. This past week, we got to collaborate with dear friends, the creative genius duo behind Spring Street Social Society, and create the very first event of Light Lab’s history.

Together with Kitchen Aid, we put on a secret supper — a 5 course dinner for 40 — with 3 acts of performances throughout the evening, too, and this is what it looked like..

After countless hours of hard renovating, it felt awfully wonderful to see so many enjoying the space..!

Much love to Patrick + Amy of Spring Street for flying all the way from NYC to create this event with us. We can’t wait to collab again soon. xo!

space + styling: light lab / production: spring street / florals: the nouveau romantics / rugs: coco carpets / chef: joshua pressman / cocktail syrups + wine pairings: round pond estate / dessert: rucker’s pie + jeni’s splendid ice cream / act 1: faux margaux / act 2: shaun evaristo of the movement lifestyle / act 3: amy virginia buchanan + colin hatch / photo + video: echo + earl

August 10, 2016 - 8:24 am

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family photos in macedon (laurine+adam+abi together) – melbourne family photographer

We’ve been photographing these guys since practically the very beginning of our blog days. (Try 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014…) Its pretty special to be the official documenters of such beautiful humans, and add a dose of nostalgia, too, because damn. Life really does fly, and these yearly check-ins sure do prove it!

This new edition of Laurine + Adam + Abi includes the news that Abi is 4(!), Adam now has his PhD(!), and he + Laurine were just in Toronto to open a new exhibition at Angell Gallery. The exhibition, Of A Great And Mighty Shadow, is on ’til July 2nd, so if Toronto is on your map this month, do go see his exquisite work!

And now, a few frames of these beloved people.

my favorite shot of the day..!

June 6, 2016 - 6:45 pm

Kerrie Unbelievable! You guys have captured so many amazing facets of each of their personalities in these shots. Stunning. Love them. Xx

‘let them eat cake’ boudoir sessions : coming to LA, san diego, milwaukee + chicago!

Last year, I blogged about Let Them Eat Cake sessions.. the come-get-your-makeup-done-and-take-photos-and-drink-champagne-and-embrace-your-sexy mini shoots for lady babes. I did a few of them with my girl Rachel of Remba Productions, and damn, we had a good time!

I continue to get messages from ladies wanting to have their own sesh, and the messages are from all over, too, so I’ve finally set some dates! Are you ready for this?

Los Angeles: this coming Sunday, June 5th at Light Lab

San Diego: Saturday, July 2nd 

Milwaukee : Friday, July 29th or Sunday, July 31st (email me if you’re interested + we will sort out deets!)

Chicago : Sunday, October 9th

What it involves: champagne. a gorgeous space with lots of sexy potential. an incredible makeup artist. a 30 minute shoot with me (and time for an outfit change, too!), plus, the high res edits for you to download (and then print / post / gift / etc)! cost: $400. ($200 down to reserve your spot.) let’s do this!

Email me with questions and/or to reserve a sesh :


hollywood forever engagement (rebecca + lee are engaged!) | los angeles wedding photographers

With all of the nonstop traveling we do, it isn’t too often we get to hop in our very own car and drive 15 minutes down the road to shoot in one of our very favorite spots on earth. Have we mentioned how much we love LA?!

Meet Rebecca + Lee. We were invited into their home for mimosas just days ago, and enjoyed the chance to shoot them a bit in their own adorable home, [also so rare and so fun to capture what ‘life’ looks like for couples in this engaged season together!] walk down Melrose + saunter through Hollywood Forever.

R+L, we are counting down the days ’til your LA Love Day [at our beloved Fig House!] this winter! xo

c’mon, team! and a bit on c’mon nashville

Last year, Jayden + I launched a collective called c’mon, team with our friends Wyn + Krista. The four of us connected over multiple shared adventures to Yeah Field Trip and two trips that we led to India, and all share the common bond of a love of community, and, a desire to use our creative abilities to do good / give back. So, we decided to do something about it.

C’mon is a group of volunteering creatives that visit non-profits around the world to create digital content to tell the story of their cause online. Our aim is to give back to the givers by sharing our skills generously in the spirit of community.

(Basically, we create photos / videos / websites + graphic design elements for nonprofits, and help them tell their story and get their mission out to more people with as much effectiveness as possible, while all of the creative volunteers crash in one house together and get to learn from each other and become dear friends in a very short amount of time. It’s 4 nights / 3 full days, and we complete everything in those moments together. From start to finish.. a logo, a website, photos, videos.. whatever we think will be most effective in telling the story of the nonprofit.)

Last October, our very first ‘effort’ was C’mon LA, where we partnered with LA’s Best + True Connection, and we basically got to spend 3 days running around Los Angeles and hang out with some of the loveliest kiddos on planet earth. You can read a bit more about what we created for them here, or visit either of their websites to see more of what we made.

Yesterday, we wrapped our second effort, C’mon Nashville, where we partnered with the Steps of Faith Foundation and The Monkey Project. Our team of 13 incredible souls ventured to this fabulous AirBnB from Seattle, Los Angeles, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Kentucky to meet face to face in Nashville, and focus on uniting in vision and direction to create content for these two incredible nonprofits in just 3 short days(!). I’m currently on a plane back to LA with a tired body, but a very full heart.

Here is a glimpse of what we created for The Monkey Project on their new website — but check out the full makeover here!

And here is the video made for Steps of Faith this week — edited by my brother Robert with an original score created by Jayden. I think I’ve watched it 82 times and just cannot get enough! Take 90 seconds to check it out, will you? The full website is here.

(Good, right?! I knew absolutely nothing about the amputee community until this week, and I can honestly say that my heart and mind have been completely opened! So much respect for Steps of Faith and the way they empower people and find ways to give them their lives back.)

Now here’s where you come in: Are you a creative (i.e. photographer, videographer, editor, composer, graphic designer, coder, chef.. you name it!) that would love to join us? Our next C’mon is going to be in Seattle from September 18-22, and you can apply here! Are you part of a nonprofit in Seattle (or anywhere else on planet earth) that is doing amazing things but could totally benefit from a digital facelift? Tell us about it! We are always eager to grow as a collective, and we would love to hear from you.

Happy Weekend, friends! xx

October 3, 2016 - 2:16 pm

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