point lonsdale, austalia – laurine + adam + abi’s family photos at sunrise

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again…

The hardest part about having our families on opposite sides of the world is that they’re both so wonderful.  It’d be much less complicated if one family was horrible + less miss-able ;), but both sides are honestly made up of some of the most loving, supportive, talented + incredible humans on all the earth.  We freakin’ adore all of them.

You’ve seen many of their faces on this blog over + over again, but we just can’t stop.  (Last time you saw these 3 was way back when.)  And so, here comes another installment.  Laurine + Adam + Wee Abi.  At sunrise.  On the southernmost point of the Australian coast.  It’s basically pure magic to be there.  In fact, Jayden + I dream about retiring near here.  In 80ish years, or so.  Because, really, who wants to retire when you love your job?

And so, this is what it looks like to have a beautiful little family in the wintertime in Australia.  xx