rachel + jonathan are engaged!

This is a post that should have been blogged, oh, around about last fall.  We’re still working on a healthy balance of blogging last year’s work while also posting recent shoots, too!  We should be caught up in the next 317 years.  Give or take a few decades.

Anyway.  Meet Rachel + Jonathan.  I’ve known Rachel since we were wee lasses.  And Jonathan?  I met him when we started working at Starbucks together.  He started telling me about his girlfriend Rachel, and eons later, I put 2 & 2 together and realize that he is dating the Rachel I grew up with! Needless to say, its fabulous to be able to say that Jayden + I know and love both of these two in their own right, and even more so as a couple.

And… they’re getting married tomorrow! This is gunna be good.  And, I’ve had a chat with the rain that’s in tomorrow’s forecast, and it’s gunna be a no show.  Yup.  I had strong words.  😉

See you soon, kids!  xx

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