ripponlea estate wedding melbourne (rebecca + michael are married!) – melbourne wedding photographers

Beck + Michael might be the kindest people on planet earth.  They are literally all smiles, + nothing but nice!  You kinda can’t believe it unless you experience it firsthand.  They’re that lovely.

After meeting years ago at a club (best story ever!), they’ve grown + evolved together into the beautiful duo that was celebrated on this day.  Ripponlea was the perfect place, and we were totally thrilled to have this beautiful day kick off our year of 2014 weddings!  (Not that we’re done blogging 2013 weddings yet.  Whoops.) 

Now, you may notice that things look a little different in this post.  That’s because I decided to only blog horizontal images in black+white!  If you visit photography blogs very often, sometimes one post just bleeds into the next, so we figured it was time to stir things up a bit.  Plus, Beck + Michael’s day was so classic that it just begs for those crisp B+W images, don’t you think?!  We’re so excited to share some of the incredible moments of love, commitment + joy from this special day.  Beck + Michael, cheers!  Thank you so much for having us be apart of this season of your life together!  And to everyone else … happy weekend!  xx

whoops … I broke my own rule 😉