taking the plunge (lizzie + kurt are married!) – just married photos

“Ground control … this is Jayden … I have a message for you from outer space …”

On your wedding day, have the best time EVER! Say those vows like there is molasses in your mouth. Wear those clothes like you are the lords of the shire. Smell those bouquets like you are a master botanist just returned from a scentless, flowerless moon. Hug your grammy a million times. Darn it, wear a medal and never ever (no matter what anyone says) let go of the notion that this day is about celebrating one another, your friends and family (who helped get you here — admit it YOU!), and salute that very important thing called ‘the future’!  TO-THE-FUTURE! We salute you!

So what do you do the day after your wedding? If you’re Lizzie + Kurt, you greet the future with a splash and a cheer and water-bound make-out sesh! You act like the celebrations never ended! Haha, we already loved loved loved these two, and so this just made them all the more awesome! It was a pleasure to get up the morning after and wade into the refreshing waters of Lake Michigan for a matrimonial splash-down!


“Ground Control … over and out … and winky face …”