to my dear jayden boy on his birthday.

It’s your birthday again, My Love.  The 10th that I’ve known you for..!  How can that be?  I still feel like we’re just kids falling in love.  But today is a day that I get to stop, and celebrate who you are.

Life is such a crazy thing.  It’s short.  Beautiful.  Painful.  Full of mystery.  And through it all, you are my bliss.  You’re the constant.  And when we’re together, I know we’ll be alright.

I love your playful heart.  Gosh, you make me laugh.

I love how you dream and scheme.  You are a visionary and a storyteller.  I love how you see the world, even though I don’t understand how you do it.  You’re so good at it.

I think you’re quite hot.  Ok, nuff said.

And you’re so incredibly strong.  You’ve been through some crazy stuff this past year, and you’ve pressed on, persevered, and even risen above the chaos and mess to be a voice of truth and love.  You have such a heart for people and connecting with them, and it humbles me.  I’d say that I hope you rub off on me, but …  No, but really, you don’t play petty games, and you don’t get caught up in politics.  You have a solid grip on what is real and true, and you aren’t swayed by outside pressures.  I love how willing you are to just be yourself, unapologetically.

Here’s to many more, My Love.  To the adventures that this year will bring, and even to the hardships.. may you be blessed, may you feel loved, and even more empowered to embrace the abilities and gifts that you have.  I love you, and I’m so grateful to know that you love me.

Happy Birthday!

(A PS: All of the photos in this post were taken by our dear friend, the genius Dan O’Day.  He took these photos of us in Australia last year when we were there for Jayden’s 30th birthday, and we just cherish them beyond words.  Sometimes when you’re behind the camera all the time, you forget to make a priority to be in front of it.  Friends, make sure you’re getting photos taken of you and your love!  You won’t regret it.)

by Caroline

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November 17, 2012 - 11:10 pm

Erin Come back to SF soon! Chris and I still want to have you over for roast chicken!

November 12, 2012 - 11:19 am

kylie what a dapper man!

November 8, 2012 - 1:49 pm

Laurel You guys are so great. Happy birthday to Jayden and many more years of love and silliness between the two of you!

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