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tasmania: when woodnote and alyda + todd hunter mcgaw joined forces, and team mclee was born

There’s this place that exists between Australia and Antarctica; a place with the most famous map you’ve ever known or heard of.   Tasmania. Back in early 2013, we had the pleasure of traveling to Tasmania with our very spesh spesh ninja friends, Todd and Lades of Todd Hunter McGaw.  We know these guys after...

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finnigan + ruby + millie + sylvie. a time-lapse video about love.

Two blog posts in two days?!  I know.  I know.  But this is worth it.  Promise. There are four kids on this earth that we happen to love more than life itself. I was in the room when the last 2 girls were born.. we’ve literally gotten to see them grow from their very first...

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introducing … elephant landing!

So y’know how we sometimes talk about India? Well. Today, we finally get to share the project that we’ve been working on!  And we give you Elephant Landing. Rather than type out a huge, massive clump of words for you to get lost in, we made this lil video so we could tell you the story...

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travelin’ plans of team woodnote (august-november 2013)

Once, we got up to watch the sunrise at the Grand Canyon, and there happened to be another young lady watching the same sun rising at the same time, and she was wearing a faux-coonskin cap.  (This happened almost exactly a year ago, actually, and our favorite Robert Ingraham was there to make a video,...

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by Caroline

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getting real … on our 8th anniversary..!

Today, we celebrate 8 years of marriage! Hooray! Cheers and joyous uproar all round! We made it, we made it, WE MADE IT!!  Even though everyone said we would fail and it would never ever work out.  Even though we had to secretly elope in a frenzy of intercontinental passion and relentless romance; where nothing...

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by Both Of Us

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