two girls, one kit: the tippi sweater from j crew

I’m all kinds of excited about this week’s Two Girls, One Kit! This series continues to stretch me and get me to plan my outfits ahead of time, rather than throwing on whatever I left on the floor last night… Ahhh, who feels me with that one?!

The Amazing : Just about everyone knows J.Crew. How can you not?! They’re America’s favorite, the tried and true prep-goes-rogue that always nails it when it comes to color-blocking and timeless, classic style.

The Common Piece : the Tippi sweater with embroidered lips. This soft, fitted ‘basic’ is a little bit extra spesh thanks to the embroidery. It is a piece that both the minimalists (Anne) + the maximalists (me) can fall for, so you know it’ll please just about everyone!

I paired my Tippi with a few pins (y’know.. flair), a dyed bandana from my friend Jeran of Oleander and Palm, and a whole stack of delicious ‘Crew.

The lookout high-rise jean in white is daring, yet current. The suede lace-up pointed-toe flats in fuchsia bloom are comfy and can be dressed up or down, a layered western chambray shirt in vintage indigo reminds me of high school in the very best way, and that divine signet bag in sunset petal dove has all of my favorite shades in one place. What’s not to love?!

I do so love finding a good pink wall!

Well, would you look at that. Definitely some crossover this week! The bold shoes, the denim … you’d almost think our style is rubbing off on each other. 😉

Anne’s spin : Anne went for a bold look this time … absolutely my favorite that she’s done so far! (Maybe because her palette is literally my bedroom?) 

The J.Crew wide-leg jumpsuit in shirting stripe she paired with her own signet bag in stunning soft blossom and a vintage denim jacket with those crimson shoes? C’mon. Even I would wear this look. Haha! That’s sayin’ somethin’.

(You can hit Anne’s post to read more about her styling direction.)

See you next Tuesday! xo

Photos by Jayden Lee for Echo and Earl

’70s pink and rust bedroom makeover featured on domino

Jayden + I have a bit of a thing with loving change and trying new things early and often.. I tend to think my ENTJ‘ness might have something to do with my love for updating and improving things that are OK and wanting to make them even better.

Our bedroom was already pretty rad, but then we got a brand new mattress from Helix, and suddenly, the whole room needed to be new, too!

I enlisted the expertise of my other half, Anne Sage, who saw my Pinterest board for the bedroom inspo and deemed it the 70s Brutalist Glam Bedroom. I liked that.


(The makeover was featured on Domino last week, so you can check out an interview with Anne there!)

I was obsessed with a bathroom that I found online that had a dark ceiling color. Thankfully, Jayden loves color just as much as I do, and was totally on board with the idea — going so far as doing the painting job himself. He really is amaaaazing at detail!

The photo is one I took in Melbourne a few years back, and we got it printed and framed with Framebridge in their Cairo burl wood frame. I’m obsessed!

The drapes are a bit o’ magic from Rebecca Atwood‘s fabric by the yard offerings, and I sewed ’em myself. The sexy photos are ’70s levels of delish by the amazing Stephanie Vovas.

That chair was a Craiglist find [free!] and we got it recovered in the most delicious burnt orange. If you give me blush and rust in the same corner of a room, it will always be my fave!

Mad-crazy about this basket from BoConcept. Their selection of pillows and other home accessories blows me away!

And how about that koala bedding made by Jayden himself? We were searching for quirky, playful and fun and just couldn’t find the perfect match, and so Jayden created this custom piece. I think he’s so insanely talented that I’m about to stop being a photographer just so I can become his publicist. First? To get him a bedding collab! My gosh. Pink koalas are always a good idea.

So what do you think? Is it too much? Not enough? Just right?

We’ve loved having friends walk into the new room and say, “This feels so intimate!” and “How did you manage to create this feeling in a tiny bedroom?”

We adore the way the room looks and feels, and hope it inspires you to take risks with your own spaces. What’s the worst that could happen? You change it again in another 2 years? 😉 xo

Bedroom design: Anne Sage x Caroline Lee

Featured on Domino

Mattress from Helix

Paint from Lowe’s: walls in Sherwin Williams Romance, ceiling in Olympic Sweet Spiceberry

Marble side tables and table lamps from Target

Large framed piece over the bed by Caroline, framed by Framebridge, available here

Blush linen sheets from Parachute Home

Koala bedspread: custom piece by Jayden Lee

Rug: Coco Carpets

Velvet chair: snagged for free on Craigslist, recovered

Pillows, Vase and Magazine Holder: BoConcept

Drapes: Marbled Stripe Fabric in Blush by Rebecca Atwood, drapes sewn by Caroline

Three Postcard Prints by Stephanie Vovas

  • styling by Anne Sage and photos by Jayden Lee.

light lab updates with

You’ve heard me talk about Light Lab before, and to be fair, one of the best things about Light Lab is the, uh, light.

That said, the major light sources are three deliciously large skylights in the space, and as a photo studio, sometimes the light is a little bit too light and can create harsh hot-spots. Mmmm, not great.

Anne, Jayden + I went on a wild rampage trying to find a solution.. which was often Jayden climbing on the roof and covering the skylights with tarps during shoots. Super classy. So. It was time to find a permanent answer to our dilemma.

As I went on a Google run to try and find some possibilities, I came across, and they seemed to have everything. “Surely they would be able to create something to handle our skylights that are 12′ off the ground!” I hoped.

I whipped up a quick email to inquire with their team, and couldn’t have prepared myself for the overwhelming response.

First of all, ‘they’ replied within hours. And by ‘they’, I mean Abigail. And by Abigail, I mean an insanely lovely gal who mentioned she followed me on Insta and already knew about Light Lab, too. Umm, I was half dead by this point. Then she suggested that we collaborate, and create custom shades for us in exchange for some before / after photos and some honest reviews of our experience. Again.. totally blew my mind. I couldn’t handle it.

Abigail sent me onto her design team, AKA Danielle, who was also so amazingly helpful and kind that we couldn’t cope with ourselves. Danielle asked what paint color our ceilings were so that she could match the blinds to our paint shade. Uh. Are you getting how these people are literally unicorns?! I wasn’t really sure how ‘personalized’ an experience could be with something as vague as ‘’… but my goodness. I now have two colleague / gal friends who I can’t stop singing praises about!

The Skylight Shades arrived in about a week after ordering them. Danielle worked with us to decide that the DiamondCell Blackout Cellular Skylight Shades were the answer to our problems, and you know what? They are.

They’re installed now, and oh-so easy to open and close, even with the 12′ ceilings. We have a handy little hook on a pole and can have them open / closed in seconds. Even light? We love you! We love you more.

Fun fact: you can snag 20% off your order at with the code LIGHTLAB until March 10, 2017. Go, go, go! xo

two girls, one kit: the fold jacket from ayr

Anne + I are big on intentions. We love setting them, and we love checking in on what they were (or were not) as a project evolves.

Now that we’re two months in (!) with Two Girls, One Kit, we took a sec to gush over our growing excitement with this series, and also to really spell out our why. Our biggest why? To connect clothes with a feeling. How do I want to feel today? What feeling do these clothes create in me? And so, today is all about feeling confident and sexy.

The Amazing : AYR.. AYR stands for All Year Round and is all about independence.. both for them, and for us! AYR is high quality, low maintenance and for the gal who doesn’t like to be labeled. (Hello! That is all so me!)

The Common Piece : The Fold Jacket in Pale Camel. This loose and delicious coat might be the nicest thing I own. A flawless choice for both the minimalist (Anne) + maximalist (me).

My take : the Form jeans in Igloo + the Clean Shirt in Ice Wash

The Canadian Tuxedo (or, all denim everything) is a look I just can’t be mad at. It is relaxed yet intentional, (there’s that word again) stylish but approachable.

This ensemb makes me feel like I could walk into a business meeting and totally nail it.. or, waltz into a romantic dinner to sip expensive champagne and not feel out of place.

Sunnies are Ray-Ban Aviators, necklaces are from Azil Boutique.

Velvet sandals are Madewell.

My favorite part about this look is how bold it is, without being too overbearing. It demands attention.. but you can’t quite tell why.

Side note: the thick belt on this jacket is to die for!

Bando x Bing Bang rings.. part of my daily staples!

And now, for the jacket a whole different way…

Anne’s take : Le Square sweater in Latte + The Skinny jeans in Jet Black

Last week, Anne + I attended a fashion workshop at Light Lab put on by Catherine of the Life Styled called Fashion Feng Shui where she taught all about the different elements and how they related to fashion.

Catherine’s concept made so much sense to me, and also helped me better understand my ‘wood‘iness and Anne’s ‘water‘y ways. I’m loving the series so much! Be sure to follow along as Catherine unveils the other elements on her blog. It is a great tool to use as I dress myself each day.

Head to Anne’s blog to read more about how her ensemb makes her feel, and head to to snag your own effortless, low-maintenance magic! You won’t be sorry. xo

Photos by Jayden Lee for Echo and Earl

sunrise engagement shoot at the parker in palm springs (courtenay + evan are engaged!)

Courtenay + Evan rendezvoused with us early one morning for a little sunrise fun in Palm Springs.

There’s something magical about the desert in California, and there’s something even more magic-filled about the incredible Parker, so we had an endless amount of backdrops to take advantage of and a sincere stash of love to capture, too.

Enjoy a few frames.. and Happy Valentine’s Day! xo