introducing: two girls, one kit! [this week, with elk australia]

If you come around here often, well, you know me already, for sure.. but you also probably know Anne. (Hint: our Light Lab cohort, colleague and friend.)

Since the paint on Light Lab had dried, we suddenly had so much time on our hands (haha) and started dreaming up new ways to collaborate and unite our differing aesthetics in surprising arenas.

And so, fashion felt like an obvious go-to. (Since we both love it.)

Anne is often found in neutrals.. I am often found in the brightest colors known to man. So, wouldn’t it be a fun challenge for us to get the same article of clothing and style it in our own unique ways? (We thought so…)

Starting today, we’re making this a weekly Tuesday thang where we collaborate with some of our favorite clothing brands and feature some of their recent pieces in totally different ways. Today, we get to start with the best of ’em, Elk.. from Australia! (I’ve known and loved these guys since I first moved to Melbourne many, many moons ago…)

Despite our ‘differences’, Anne + I both love Elk’s Galler Wide Cuff Pant (i.e. I had to force myself to stop wearing them every day so that they still looked new in time for this shoot, ha!) and went to town making the look our own…

Going with my ‘all bright everything’, I paired my pants with the Galler Print Tank Top (also from Elk.. because I couldn’t resist a lil pattern-on-pattern), a Top Shop leather jacket, a series of my favorite Sseko Designs bangles and Giving Keys necklaces, and a pair of my go-to Tom Ford sunnies.

(Necklaces are from the Giving Keys)

The amazing shoes are also Elk! Their Kulor Leather Derby… a total go-to for a comfy, everyday wear.

My ‘I wear these every day’ bangles from Sseko Designs.
 Hello, my every day favorite Moon Pi rings.


Next up.. Anne’s look! Ahh yes, the minimalists can now unite.

Anne opted for the classic, chic neutral route.. with Elk’s Galler Heeled Sandal(I am slightly jealous. They are so good.) and their Tailored Black Vest.

(The lines in these heels just make me crazy! So good.)

What a babe, ammiright?

I hope you’ll find fashion inspo in this new series, and, that you’ll also be excited to see possibility in things that might be a little ‘out there’ for what you’d usually opt for. I can promise you.. over the coming weeks, both Anne + I will be styling outside of our usual ‘comfort zones’, and we’re all kinds of excited to show you our results. See you next Tuesday with more.. Two Girls, One Kit! xo

PS : photos shot by the amazing Jayden. WHATTAGUY. serious patience and fashion-forward love! you’re a wonder, babe. x!

holy hill wedding, autumn wedding in milwaukee at the pritzlaff (maggie + clint are married!)

Maggie + Clint.

With December being just hours away, Jayden + I are delivering our final shoots and weddings of 2016..

What a year. We declared this to be our year of accomplishment as January began, and it has certainly been that. It has looked nothing like we imagined, but isn’t that often the case?

We will be sharing more of our work from 2016, but it felt like ‘the right time’ to share our very last wedding of 2016 in this moment. These two. Their hilarity. Their romance. Their autumn bliss in Wisconsin, and at Holy Hill(!) and the Pritzlaff, nonetheless. In the midst of the craziness that the past weeks have brought many of us, this reminder of love seemed to be in order.

And with our love.. x



giving thanks: whit + cor, the day they were born.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear ones..

Today we celebrate the gift of breath. As simply as it comes and goes.. allowing life, giving us the ability to be.

And in that space, life in the purest form. Whit + Cor, the day they were born. Identical twin boys, born to some of our dearest friends at 32 weeks via c section. We were invited to capture the moments post-surgery where Jess + Jonathan first met their boys face to face.. some of the most intimate and precious seconds of our entire lives.

(the video is worth it. promise.)

and a few more.. two weeks later.

with gratitude, friends.

to life!

bhldn wedding milwaukee (sarah + steve are married!) – milwaukee wedding photographers

Well hello, friends! Hello, November!

The couple + wedding day we have to show you today is the kind of good that doesn’t need words to go with it. Nope, words would just muddle the glory. And so, we give you Sarah + Steve. And their gorgeous fall day in Milwaukee… x


c’mon team goes to seattle!

You may remember the last time I talked about C’mon Team, that collective that Jayden + I started with our friends Wyn + Krista, where we unite other creative friends and contribute our abilities to nonprofits around the world.

Last month, we crashed in an AirBnB with 15 volunteers for C’mon Seattle. And it was glorious.

One of the contributors (the magnificent Sabrina) created an extensive blog post on the C’mon blog about the experience. She photographed and wrote about the arrival to the very end of the celebrations, and everything in between. Please, have a look here! There is an awful lot of sadness and negativity in the world, and this is a window of joy, positivity and hope that we create to serve the world. I promise it will put a smile on your face!

Also, if you’re a creative, please join us! We’re planning C’mon Milwaukee, C’mon Omaha.. and more! Sign up here. And if you’re a nonprof that would love to get in on our goods, you can apply here, too.

I’ll be back to share more wedding’y work very soon! Have a wonderful week. xo