walk of frame: leslie + eric’s smogshoppe wedding

Yesterday was the glorious wedding of Leslie + Eric in LA at the stunning green-filled SmogShoppe, so we’re keeping with our Walk of Frame habit and sharing a few faves from the day!

getting ready at Palihotel.

the bride.

the groom.

the smiles.

the newlyweds!

the dancin’ shoes.

the sunset stroll.

the cat-toss. [bouquet tosses are so 2016.]

the get down.

So much love for you gorgeous people. Thank you, L+E, for welcoming us into your world and letting us share in your celebration! xo

two girls, one kit: the graphic tee from dazey LA

If I could tell you how many compliments I get on today’s look, you’d be here for a very, very long time. Strangers stop me on the street to tell me they love it, and they don’t even know how out-of-my-mind comfy I am! Meet the team…

The Amazing: Dazey LA.. female-owned, LA-made tees with delicious graphic design. Let’s be real, we all need a good stash of comfy, unique tees, and Dazey knows what’s up!

The Common Piece: the Equ-all-ity Tee and all of its soft, 100% cotton, made-in-LA goodness

My Take: the Ultra Violet Woman Jumper in Desert Paint

First of all, these overalls are my GO TO. I wear them endlessly. In fact, when I put this outfit together, I asked Jayden, “How does this look?” and he said.. “It looks like you on a normal day!” AKA, this is really me. How I actually dress.

Next, know this: these babies are ON SALE and goin’ v fast, so SNAG THEM. They are a steal! You will not be sorry.

Also.. the Ozma bandana from a few weeks ago, Top Shop shoes from a few seasons ago, and that feline tote that just GETS. ME. This ensemb is winning in my book, and I cannot lie!

Anne’s Spin: Chic, classic and a little bit business.. Anne shows up in a consistently mature-yet-playful pairing that proves tees can be taken to all kinds of heights!

Be sure to hit her post to read more about her pieces and inspiration behind her look.

In other news, this is the very last post in the Two Girls, One Kit series! It is a bit bittersweet to finish something that has been so much fun, but I’m excited to adventure more into the realm of ensembs and inspiration, so stay tuned. This isn’t the end of me! xo

two girls, one kit: the tie-neck blouse in onion skin by osei-duro

Oh man. Am I allowed to pick favorites? Is that a thing that we’re OK to do? Cuz I really try not to, and then today’s outfit happens.

Meet the Amazing: Osei-Duro. Based in LA with textiles and garments produced in Ghana, Peru and India, these guys work to support local apparel industries in becoming sustainable. They’re all about respecting rights and aesthetics of local makers around the world, and so their pieces utilize natural dyes, batik, brass-casting, and other fascinatingly rad techniques.

Our Common Piece: the Tie-Neck Blouse in Onion Skin was an easy choice for both Anne and myself. Soft and supple, with slight variations in color due to the natural dying process — literally using onion skins — we were both taken with the feminine elements and the striking silhouette. Anne knows I love a good pussy bow!

My take: the Veronica Trouser in Jughead, AKA the pants I am wearing right now and might wear all summer long. I love a good print, and a good one can be so hard to find! When I first fell in love with Osei Duro, it was because of these beauties, and they really haven’t let me down. High waist? Check. ’70s flare? Check. Literally, this cut is my dream pant. And I don’t get to say that enough!

I paired my look with my go-to Thacker le pouch bag and nude platform sandals from Topshop (that I happened to snag for Anne’s wedding).

Don’t forget those stacked Geo Rings, also an Osei-Duro staple, and my favorite-favorite Chloe sunnies.

Did I mention I trimmed my own bangs just minutes before this shoot? Haha. Oh yes, my life.


Are you ready for Anne’s Spin? the Sola Panel Dress in Onion Skin and Round and Ridge Bangles

Anne went for a onion-on-onion, which is actually so dope to see an example of how different natural dyes can look in one space. My blouse next to her blouse and dress are all so subtly different even though they’re technically the same, and that brought us a whole lotta joy, I’ve gotta say!

Anne’s neutral-on-neutrals and her love for shapeless flowy things never ceases to amaze me. She makes it work in a way that I never could, but I just love it on her! 

New wedding ring addition, nbd.

So what do you think? Which look is more ‘you’?

We sure do love this series and the chance to show you a bit of our adventures in wardrobe land. See you again next week! xo

Photos by Jayden for Echo and Earl.

two girls, one kit: the wedge oxford from the office of angela scott

Well, well, well.. lots of new things this week! Anne got married on Friday, which was fabulous. Jayden + I got a new couch and are about to paint our living room (bu-bye, white walls!), and Two Girls, One Kit is about to feature the first look focused on shoes!

The Amazing: Office of Angela Scott puts the luxury punk in footwear. They; “value independence, cultivate old-world attention to detail, and never take [themselves] too seriously.” As a girl that has always owned more shoes than any other article of clothing, tOoAS is a dangerous website to visit — not to mention their stunning Melrose flagship store.

The Common Piece: Mr. Derby Wedge Oxford.. not only sleek AF, the ‘kilty’ fringe detailing is removable, giving the shoe a diverse variety of ways to wear it. Why can’t all shoes be this magical?!

My take: the inspiration behind my look was one part luxury and one part punk. My favorite, super comfy white jeans from rag & bone allow me to truly show off the star of the show, (le shoes) and my illustrated crop sweatshirt from Gorman brings the sass and edge so that nothing ever feels boring.

This is a look I’d throw on for a ‘normal’ work day — errands, meetings, email-writing, maybe even a shoot — this ensemb can handle it all.

Are platforms going to stick around for another year or two? I sure hope so. They’re a great throwback moment..! Do you remember your first platforms?

Ahhhh, I love this shot! It makes me so happy.

And now? Anne’s spin.

That detail!

Anne said she, “couldn’t resist exploring the tomboy vibe of these handsome lace-ups, so [she] channeled schoolboy chic in an oversized collared shirt and vintage straight leg jeans. The special details of the shoes set the stage for an outfit comprised of timeless shapes rendered one-of-a-kind with unexpected details: the structured yolk on my shirt, or the rich caramel color and brass hardware of my PS1 satchel.”

My pair of Oxfords were one of 3 pairs of shoes I brought to Europe with me earlier this month, and I won’t lie, I wore them a ton and walked for miles in surprising comfort!

What do you think? Would you build an entire outfit from your shoes — or are your shoes an afterthought? xo

Photos by Jayden for Echo and Earl.

two girls, one kit: the long layering vest from thacker nyc

Well hi and hello! How is it Tuesday again?

Jayden + I got back to LA late last night after our jaunts between London / Berlin / Rome / Assisi, so I’m in a little cloud of jet lag that is perfect for writing blog posts and re-living moments when I had freshly brushed hair…

I’m so in love with this week’s look! And photos! And collab crew! Let me gush about it…

The Amazing: Thacker NYC have been here before, but they continue to evolve and update with every season in a way that makes them so impossible to look away from! Can you blame me?

The Common Piece: the Madrid Vest in Tobacco is half something I would expect to see in Star Wars, (y’know. Jedi material?) and the other half, I would expect to see on the runway. It’s the perfect layering accessory — the perfect everything, really!

My take: I was so obsessed with the ‘tobacco’ color of the Madrid vest that I had to take it further.. the Ren Draped Crop Pants. Comfy, casual, and a perfect pair with the vest; this is an ensemb I see only in my dreams! Tango’ing with a very vintage blouse that I don’t even remember where I got, Thacker’s Georgina Crossbody bag in cream, and Jennie-Ellen VIBE boots.. like I said. This look is just about my ultimate.

Jayden let me get weird with the photos … thanks, babe. You’re patient 😉

Jennie-Ellen is magic.

I’m really into wearing white. I’m really, really into this bag.

Just. look. at. the. hardware..! Thacker wins. Always.

German ankles, guys. #germanankles.

OK. The vest detailing. Are you bored of my gushfest yet?! I really love this look the most.

Same boots / same vest … two very different looks!

Anne’s spin: mullet jeans, mullet jeans.. what do I have to do to get you in my life? Gosh, I am so down with this look, Anne Sage! How surprised are you?!

Layers, layers and textures galore. This ensemb is the flowy, feminine bout of strength we would all do well to master.

Be sure to hit Anne’s blog to read more about the pieces she’s paired together and her inspiration behind them.

PS : this bae gets married in 3 sleeps + I’m the MOH! It’s a bit week for these Two Girls.. more next Tuesday! xo