fig house wedding los angeles (lindsay + arthur are married!)

It’s been a little while since we posted a full wedding, but we’re about to break the fast with a real bit o’ beauty! Los Angeles. Christmastime. The Fig House. Vintage Oscar de la Renta and Polish tradition, too. We aren’t gonna hold back! Get ready…

“We met in 2004 through mutual friends as Lindsay was just finishing high school. She moved to Oregon and we remained good friends until one fateful road trip in 2011. We started dating long distance, and at the time, we said in a year we would evaluate and maybe someone would move. 6 months (and a LOT of early morning flights) later we were on another road trip moving Lindsay back to Southern California.”

“Our wedding day was a really fun and beautiful holiday party full of love with all our friends and family.”

Any advice for future brides/grooms currently planning their wedding?

I had a really hard time being overwhelmed in the beginning, but get the big things out of the way and everything else falls into place. It’s also super cliche, but everyone has an opinion. You do you, because in the end no one is going to remember everything except you, so have the day you want!

I mean, come onnnnnn. These two! This space! Just too much!



“We wanted to keep our ceremony a little condensed so we stuck with classic vows, but friends had given us the idea to share our own vows privately. The morning of our wedding we both got up early and wrote each other a letter including more personal thoughts and vows. We snuck away from the reception for a short while to read them together and it was a really wonderful moment together.”

“[Arthur’s]…most memorable moment was the first kiss. Not because I want to make-out in front of all our family, but because my initial idea was to keep it very simple and clean. I absolutely hate getting lipstick on me, so that had some bearing on my decision, but after seeing Lindsay walk down that aisle, it all went out the window. I ended up just going for it and destroyed my face with lipstick.”

Any DIY projects you were especially proud of?

“The favors! They were a real team effort between both of us, Lindsay’s brother (a groomsman) and his wonderful girlfriend (a bridesmaid). Christmas Crackers are a big tradition in my (Lindsay’s) family, so early on I knew I wanted to do something that was a nod to that. For months our friends and family saved empty paper towel rolls, we splatter painted the paper ourselves, and assembly-lined them over the long Thanksgiving weekend. We filled them with a tiny bottle of Belvedere Vodka and these amazing chocolates called Prince Polos, which were both a nod to Arthur’s Polish heritage. We also made tiny gold dinosaur magnets to include that tied into some of our decor details. I love visiting our friends homes and seeing them on the fridge!”


Photographer – Woodnote Photography

Videographer – Paperbird Weddings

Wedding planner – Pop the Champagne Events

Lindsay’s Dress – Oscar de la Renta

Lindsay’s Shoes – Kate Spade

Lindsay’s Jewelery – her ‘something borrowed’ necklace belonged to her grandmother

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – ASOS and Lulu’s

Arthur’s Suit – Hugo Boss

Arthur’s Shoes – Gucci

Groomsmen’s Suits – Macy’s

Hair stylist – Katie Hayes

Makeup artist – Chantè Platt

Flowers – M’s Flowers

Stationery & paper goods – Wedding Paper Divas

Ceremony/Reception Venue – The Fig House

Processional Song – Marching Bands of Manhattan Instrumental (Death Cab For Cutie)

First Dance – I Hear a Symphony (the Supremes)

Wedding favors – DIY team effort

Caterers – the Kogi Truck

Cake – Joanie & Leigh’s Cakes

Wedding rings – Claude Morady

light lab : the final reveal!

Well, well, well.. today is the day.

We finally get to share the finished space we started at the beginning of the year, Light Lab! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the intro post here.)

The full tour was published on Design*Sponge last week (here), but we wanted to let you guys in on a few other elements, too, like this timelapse from the very start of the demolition to the final kitchen-install and tiling jobs. Check it out. Really. I mean it.

So, now that you know the full breadth of the task we took on, we give you… the finished space…

Our beloved friend/designer, Sarah Sherman Samuel, created these before/after images and shared them on her own blog. They took my breath away! Be sure to check out her own post here to see even more images of the space and to hear more on her designing process.

If you want to read more about our WHY and also our vision for Light Lab now that it’s complete, don’t forget to check out the interview on Design*Sponge!

Thanks so much for following along with our journey and for celebrating the finished result with us! xo


Photos by our amazing friend Jeff Mindell

Space design: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Additional Styling: Anne Sage


-fridge, dishwasher, oven, bev cooler from Kitchenaid

-backsplash and countertops: Formica Corporation (product names: Calacatta Marble from the 180fx by Formica Group line; Arctic from the Formica Solid Surfacing line Countertops)

-cabinets + floating shelves: Semihandmade Cabinets

-pendants: Cedar & Moss 8” lights from Rejuvenation

-white wall paint: Nova White by Glidden Paint

-faucet: Brizo

-island tiles: Fireclay Tile

-island counter stools: High Fashion Home Stools


-sink: Duravit from Wayfair

-faucet: Kohler from Wayfair

-toilet: Duravit Starck 2 from Wayfair

-tiles: Fireclay Tile

-framed photo: Max Wanger Print Shop, framed by Simply Framed

-wallpaper: custom design by Sarah Sherman Samuel, printed by Limitless Walls

-wall-mounted cabinets: IKEA

-acrylic towel bar + toilet paper holder: CB2

-towels: Yuka from Wayfair

-mirror: CB2

-lights: Cedar & Moss sconces from Rejuvenation


-plant design by Folia Collective

-rugs: Coco Carpets

-framed art: photos by Caroline, designs by Sarah, framed by Simply Framed

-wall mirror: West Elm x Commune

-storage bench: West Elm x Commune

-wood chairs: ATG Stores 

-marble-topped coffee table: West Elm x Commune

-shearling chair: West Elm x Commune

– conference table: ATG Stores

– white molded chairs: ATG Stores 

– pink molded chairs: ATG Stores

– green molded armchairs: ATG Stores

– bent wire chairs: ATG Stores

-channel-back couch: custom design by Caroline + Anne, created at Alpha Upholstery

-white swivel chairs: Bernhardt Camino Swivel Chairs covered in Crypton ‘Snow’

-gold leaf coffee table: DIY done by Jayden

-lamp: West Elm x Commune using C by GE LED light bulbs

-leather sling chair: West Elm x Commune

– reclaimed wood stump table: Pottery Barn

– brass sculptural vase: Pottery Barn

-gorgeous oversize painting: Adam Lee

-Light Lab logo: Alissa Bell Press

epic surprise christmas wedding in wisconsin (andrea+chuck are married!) – surprise wedding photographers

Picture this.

Christmas week. You’ve been invited to the engagement party of your friends, Dre + Chuck. They normally live in Portland (remember them?), but are back in Wisconsin for the holidays, and are having some “Hey! We just got engaged and wanna celebrate with you!” drinks. Why not, right?!

Then, you get invited to show up a bit early. You know, to get your hair + makeup done before the party. Because it’s Christmas week and you’re going to a party. So you go.

And here you are. Sitting in a salon, getting beautified.. all excited about your friend’s engagement.

And then she says, “Hey.. so. Today is actually my wedding day..”

Pure magical madness, right?!

The tears + elated joys of this day are indescribable.

All of the pre-wedding day stresses and plans and tensions with family members over guests lists? They never happened.

All of the over-thinking what you’re going to wear because it has to be totally perfect? Not possible.

It was a ‘be in this moment‘ moment, all day long. And it was unforgettable.

Andrea + I had been emailing for months about their ‘real’ wedding that was going to be a summer wedding.. but then one day, I got this:

“So this is crazy…and something that is just playing out…but we might try to do a surprise wedding on what is supposed to be our engagement party this december..”


Jayden + I adore everything about these two. The way they live life big and crazy and unconventional. Just take one look at their faces and you’ll be in mad love with their zest for life and love..

(Even the guys got all kinds of stoked about the surprise, see?!)

Andrea + Chuck had a videographer make a same-day edit so that their guests could watch them reveal the surprise to their families earlier that day.. oh man. Pure gold. (You can see the video here!)

A+C, your day truly was the most lighthearted, freespirited, joy-filled day, and it was perfect. We love you both a ridiculous amount.. cheers to your lives + love! xoxo

7 continents 1 year: spain (and, making time for personal work)

“Busy months” fly by so fast, and suddenly, you find you’ve had 2 years of consecutive “busy months” in a row. And perhaps this “busy month” thing is actually just a myth — and it should better be referred to as life.

And so, here I am. Welcoming myself to ‘life’.

From this moment on, “life” means; making time to exercise every day because waiting ’til everything is checked off of my ‘to do’ list will never happen, taking that wine tasting class because I said I wanted to someday — and today could be that someday, and, blogging our personal work because this is our real life and we are real people who want to share the authentic stuff with our couples. (Not to mention, our incredible couples share their most personal moments with us as we capture them, so it is only fair that we show up here, too, right?!)

We visited the magical land of Spain back in 2014. It was a part of us visiting all 7 continents in one year.. another crazy post we have yet to create / write / share. (Like I said, those busy months sure have been flying by…)

We started in Madrid, hit [“Holy]Toledo[!”] and shimmied our way down to Barcelona.. a day trip to Cadaqués, then Seville, Cordoba and finally Granada. Here are a few glimpses into what we saw.

Highlight: visiting Salvador Dalí’s house in Cadaqués, a short rental-car ride from Barcelona. We made a reservation to get inside, and I’m so glad we did! What a magical world of deliciously weird… I was inspired for days!

(Next inspo for a bridal portrait inspired by Salvador’s portrait of his lady?! Who wants it?) 😉


While in Seville, we rendezvoused with the fabulous Megan + Mike of the Fresh Exchange. We hadn’t met them in person before, but had been World Wide Web Franz for years, so it was such a magical accident that we were in the same place at the same time and got to sip countless pitchers of sangria together.

These guys are total sweethearts, and are very near + dear to our hearts. They also happen to be good at actually blogging in the moment, so feel free to check out their rad posts on our days with them in Spain here and here

On to Cordoba! The Mezquita de Cordoba was a major bucket list moment. Just delicious..!

And finally, last stop Granada where we hit up the Alhambra. We typically skip most ‘tourist traps’ when we travel and debated about giving this one a miss, but I’ve gotta say, it was so worth it. The shapes + architecture made it worth the lines of school kids there on a field trip..

And a little look at what we looked like in 2014. 😉 Check out #spainreveals to see more of the iPhone shots we posted from our adventure in the moment… More soon! xo

mother’s day with jess, corey, charley + lola.. family photos in tennessee

This past Mother’s Day, we had the pleasure of doing a sleep-over-then-photo-shoot. The kind we do where we get to wake up when you do, and we get to capture a glimpse of what life ‘really’ looks like.

We were in Tennessee, of all places. With Jess, Corey, Charley + Lola.. And I mean, these 4 love each other madly. It felt physically magical to be with them on Mother’s Day.. to follow Charley waking up her mama and see the joy they shared in the celebrations…

Jess has a blog called the Mother Years, and even though I am not a mother, I read it religiously and often find myself ugly-crying over her intimate ponderings and insights into this life. She is a huge advocate for adoption, and an incredible voice of possibility and love. Here is a glimpse into her most recent post. It is gold.

“Dear Girls,

Some day soon you’re going to connect the facts of being adopted and being sisters and possibly, quite possibly, you’ll have this moment where you’ll tell yourself that this must mean you’re not real sisters. Because real sisters, you’ll reason, share the same womb or same sperm bank. And if you were both conceived by different moms and dads from different backgrounds and countries and in different cities then this must mean you aren’t real sisters.


Tonight you all were helping one another water the flowers in the front when I heard the doorbell ring. As I walked through the dining room to unlock the door for you to come in I saw you holding hands and running down the stairs and across the front yard to hide behind a tree. I opened the door, acted confused, said, “hello??,” looked around and tried really hard not to join you two in your belly laughing.

Shortly after I started the shower for the three of us and you, Lola, said you had to pee. You then, Charley, said you had to as well so you ran off behind her. I was already in the shower and within minutes I could hear you both in-sync with the type of laughter that turns silent. I got out of the shower to find you both on the toilet together peeing at the same time.

Doorbell ditching together and tandem peeing aside know this:

Shared wombs, shared sperm banks or shared genetics aren’t the only ways to make sisters. Families aren’t just formed by nature. It’s important you understand in your own time that your sisterhood is ordained and is not imaginary, fake or artificial and it absolutely – with the utmost level of importance – deserves to be regarded in a serious way.

People, even the kindest ones with the best of intentions, will ask you if you’re real sisters. Answer yes. And, if they ask again, “Right right, but are you really real sisters?” Answer yes again.

The answer is yes.

It always will be.”

[Are you crying, too? No? Just me?? 😉 ]

The utmost adoration for you 4.

Thank you for showing the world what Love is.