hanna is […or was…] a senior!

I got a Facebook message from Hanna a few months back, where she explained that she actually graduated from high school this past June, but never had any senior portraits taken.


So we decided to make that right straight away.. and got together to take some colorful, fun + artistic photos..  Hanna is an incredible artist, and I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again … we find it to be quite an honor when artists ask us to photograph them!  It’s a big deal!!

As Hanna + I e-mailed about her hobbies and interests, I found out she has a fabulous vintage-inspired sense of fashion, and a suuuuper sweet bike!  We also asked her to bring one of her recent paintings, and she brought a self portrait that she did of herself.  I got a good dose of Art-History-referencing in that day, as we played with different poses around her self portrait.  Oh, and Jayden’s finest quote of the day was when Hanna asked if she was posing correctly for a shot and he said, “Your look is not troubling to me.”  Apparently in Australia that means, “You look good!” ?!!  We giggled for ages, and I still make references to that quote quite often!  😉

Hanna, I only hope that you had a much fun as we did!  You were an absolute blast to photograph, and we are big fans of your work.  Best wishes in your studies, we hope to see you ’round very soon!


by Caroline

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October 14, 2010 - 3:29 am

Brad Barge Hey Jayden,

Long time no speak. Hope your still scratching a crotchet or two.

Been a long time since mowbray and its good to see we have the same craft now as we did back then. Love these shots mate, lighting and expression are good and model looks relaxed and appears to be enjoying the shoot.

Hope to talk soon.


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