introducing: out of line with caroline lee – the podcast!

Since we don’t already do enough (ha) we thought it might be fun to add something new to our plate.

Cue: Out of Line, the podcast.

Below: a screen grab of the current Instagram feed for @outoflinepodcast.

What was originally my (Caroline’s) idea to write a book with a friend, in which we would collect stories and experiences from our colleagues who live most of their lives online. The goal was to have it be an offering rooted in authenticity, sharing ways to live offline in our online world, ways to heal and ways to connect. The seed of an idea evolved into signing with a literary agent… then completing a book proposal, (no small project, btw) and having it reviewed by publishing houses around the country. The book idea even got so far as having a v maj publishing house quite interested in it, but then, it seemed like our vision was going to get adjusted a bit more than what we were willing to agree to. Both my dear colleague/friend and I were so passionate about the purpose behind this book and what it was supposed to bring to the world, that we decided to shelf the book (HA) and we both launched our own separate podcasts. (Elizabeth’s is called Healers, by the way, and it is magical! It is almost as if our original vision is still happening, it just looks different in practice than we thought it would. But isn’t that the way with most of life?)

So anyway. It was important to give you the backstory. But now here we are. Out of Line.

In Out of Line, I interview guests who are known online, (whether they are artists, designers, bloggers, influencers, actors, musicians… etc!)  for something in their offline lives.

Tomorrow, the 9th episode goes up, and so far, we have had guests talk about everything from race and body image, to special needs adoption, to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. There’s humor and there is sincerity — but most of all, my hope is that there is human connection.

I’m so excited to see where this goes/grows.

I’m also so excited to get to work on yet another project with Jayden. Little known fact: Jayden is a highly skilled sound engineer and composer, so he wrote my podcast music (I asked for the audio version of what it would sound like if Bjork + Jonsi hooked up) and also combs through each second of every interview to make me sound less um’y. (The growing pains are real, y’all!)

Other major excitement? Getting to work with one of my v favorite artists, Lisa Congdon, on the amazing Out of Line logo. You might remember her from the blog years ago? 🙂

And the last thing I’m excited about? Having an incredible sponsor! The rad folks behind Cat Footwear reached out to me awhile back to ask if I had any projects I was working on that might have space for a collaboration. Without having even launched my podcast, they believed in me 100% and jumped right on board with my idea. Every interview during the Social Media Q+A segment of each episode, I get to write a question for each guest individually that draws out their connection to creating boldly. I feel so grateful to have such a dope crew of people believing in what we’re up to, and I couldn’t be more aligned with their values in bold creativity … or, with loving great shoes, for that matter! (Both Jayden + I have more than one pair of Cat shoes and literally wear them on the daily. My faves are the hiking boots + J just wears his fashion boots nonstop.)

If podcasts are your thing, (or even if they aren’t?) have a listen here on your iPhone/in iTunes, or, you can also listen through the Out of Line PodBean website here. Subscribe + leave a review, too, if you have a sec! We’d be thrilled to hear your thoughts. Oh! Also welcoming suggestions and requests for topics and guests to have on the show. We’ve got the next few months planned out, but can’t wait to meet new people + delve into new topics oh-so soon.

Guests of Episodes 01-08: Justina Blakeney, Patrick Janelle, Elsie Larson, William Matthews, Lisa Congdon, Mama Cax, Jeff Mindell and Jessica Zollman.



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