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You’ve heard me talk about Light Lab before, and to be fair, one of the best things about Light Lab is the, uh, light.

That said, the major light sources are three deliciously large skylights in the space, and as a photo studio, sometimes the light is a little bit too light and can create harsh hot-spots. Mmmm, not great.

Anne, Jayden + I went on a wild rampage trying to find a solution.. which was often Jayden climbing on the roof and covering the skylights with tarps during shoots. Super classy. So. It was time to find a permanent answer to our dilemma.

As I went on a Google run to try and find some possibilities, I came across, and they seemed to have everything. “Surely they would be able to create something to handle our skylights that are 12′ off the ground!” I hoped.

I whipped up a quick email to inquire with their team, and couldn’t have prepared myself for the overwhelming response.

First of all, ‘they’ replied within hours. And by ‘they’, I mean Abigail. And by Abigail, I mean an insanely lovely gal who mentioned she followed me on Insta and already knew about Light Lab, too. Umm, I was half dead by this point. Then she suggested that we collaborate, and create custom shades for us in exchange for some before / after photos and some honest reviews of our experience. Again.. totally blew my mind. I couldn’t handle it.

Abigail sent me onto her design team, AKA Danielle, who was also so amazingly helpful and kind that we couldn’t cope with ourselves. Danielle asked what paint color our ceilings were so that she could match the blinds to our paint shade. Uh. Are you getting how these people are literally unicorns?! I wasn’t really sure how ‘personalized’ an experience could be with something as vague as ‘’… but my goodness. I now have two colleague / gal friends who I can’t stop singing praises about!

The Skylight Shades arrived in about a week after ordering them. Danielle worked with us to decide that the DiamondCell Blackout Cellular Skylight Shades were the answer to our problems, and you know what? They are.

They’re installed now, and oh-so easy to open and close, even with the 12′ ceilings. We have a handy little hook on a pole and can have them open / closed in seconds. Even light? We love you! We love you more.

Fun fact: you can snag 20% off your order at with the code LIGHTLAB until March 10, 2017. Go, go, go! xo

by Caroline

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May 30, 2017 - 1:26 pm

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