olivia is one!

Photographing little ones is always a fun challenge.  I’m sure if we filmed how silly we look while the shoot is taking place, we could land jobs on a kid’s TV show … somewhere.  It usually goes like this; we show up and chat with the parent(s)/little one while casually taking our massive, honking, scary black cameras out of their bags.  We hold the cameras very nonchalantly, and eventually show them to the little one.  Relaxed is the key word here.  🙂  After a bit, we start making silly jokes and dancing around, all the while BOTH shooting about an image every other second.  This goes on for about 20 minutes, until it doesn’t feel like a fun game any more, and the little one is ‘over it’.  Nap time!  🙂

Our shoot with the lovely Miss Olivia went just about like that.  I grew up with Olive’s mom {Emmy}, and we were totally thrilled when we were asked to take Olivia’s 1st birthday portraits!  A big thank you to Emmy + Olivia’s older brother, Noah, for helping us make Olive relax, laugh, and be herself during this shoot.  We know that she will enjoy these images for decades, so it was worth it!

Enjoy some of our favorites from her little 20 minute segment 😉

Check it out … she’s blowing mouth bubbles!!  Love.

Totally my favorite of the day… 🙂

Oh my gosh … there’s nothing quite like baby skin!  Divine!!!

Aaaand 20 minutes is up … NOW.  🙂

Olivia was a total diva to photograph, and we love how strong her personality is, even at the age of one!  Many blessings and much love to you in the future, Dear… xx

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