where in the world is team woodnote?

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve noticed that we’ve been on the road a lot more than normal lately…

First it was Australia, and then India, and now we’re in Nepal!

We had a few people ask us to share our actual plans so that they could have a heads up if we were headed their way, and so… here ’tis!  Our traveling plans and movements.  The next few months are much more travel-tastic than normal, and once the wedding season starts in the States, we’ll be in one place for awhile.  But, until then, if you see your city on this list, let us know!  We have a few days that are still open for some shoots (couples, families or even lookbooks) and we are always up for a coffee date + a new friend, too.  (And/or, if you have favorite restaurants or other recs for us, we’d be happy to hear ’em!)

As a side note, we really want to shoot an elopement while we’re in Paris.  So.  Tell your friends and your mothers and your mother’s friends, and then maybe it will happen?!  😉

Until then, we are very excited to share some of our latest projects + ideas with you in the coming days/weeks!  Thank you for your support + love… more soon!  xx

by Caroline

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March 5, 2013 - 1:06 am

Rebekah Wallace If you guys are ever in Atlanta please come stay with us! We would love to meet you. (I am Rachel Dettmanns sister.)Have safe travels – I am extremely jealous.

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