elephant landing lookbook: spring + summer 2014

Those of you who come here often might remember when we posted about the launch of Elephant Landing late last year.

But, if you have no idea what Elephant Landing is, here’s the short version: Jayden + I partner with a group of women in rural southeast India, and here are some of their creations.  100% of profits go back into providing employment + education for the women.  This ‘endeavor’, if you will, has become so much more of who we are + what we think about than we ever could have imagined.  We think + talk about India every single day.. have I mentioned we have a tutor + are learning Telugu?  Yeah, we are obsessed.  Totally love it.

The spring + summer creations are now available!  Here is the lookbook, and, a few images from our time in India working on the creation process, too.  For this line, Jayden + I added a new line to our resumes of craziness: textile designers.  Basically, we decided to create things we’d like to see in ‘real life’.  We created designs that we felt inspired by, and excited to see, and then Jayden did the sketches (I think he’s amazing…) and I chose the color palette, and BAM!  Suddenly we’re infatuated with textiles, researching fabrics, + obsessed with trends.  Who knew?!  We’re so thrilled for you to see the results.

There’s also a big giveaway going on this week over on designlovefest, so be sure to check it out + enter here!

and here are some of our ‘behind the scenes’ images from our time in India, choosing fabrics, colors, the block dyeing process, and sewing with the Elephant Landing ladies, too!

photos: Caroline + Jayden of Woodnote Photography

lookbook styling: Caroline + Kiersten Stevens

graphic design + hand lettering: Julia Manchik

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